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Bibo Monsters - Android - Google Play

04-11-2013, 03:52 PM
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Bibo Monsters - Android - Google Play

Bibo Monsters - Puzzle

Now available on Android market.

Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...h.bibomonsters

★ Easy to play, with simple touch controls.
★ Simple rules but tricky challenges.
★ 140+ intuitive levels, each with a unique challenge!
★ Hours of game play with hugely addictive replay value.
★ Best color-matching arcade puzzle game.
★ Just move, swap and drop the Bibo’s of same-color to unite them!
★ Treat your eye to pixel-perfect clear graphics, while the perfectly balanced and polished levels will blow your mind!
★ Bibo Monsters works on all Android devices from 2.2 and above.

An Unknown Spaceship crashes on Earth, scattering colorful tiny monsters all over the planet. The crash and their scream for help were overheard by a Boy living in the Mountains. He finds the tiny monsters and listens to their story.These tiny monsters were on a trip around the Galaxy and returning to their home planet "Bibo". Due to the long tiresome travel, the Captain of the Spaceship fell asleep.
The Spaceship loses control and hits a big Asteroid floating on space.Due to the heavy damage their Spaceship crashed. On hearing their story, the boy brings out a plan to unite them and help them get back to their planet. He names them "Bibo Monsters".

Help the Boy in his adventure on finding and uniting "Bibo Monsters"

- Combine three or more horizontal or vertical to unite the Monsters.
- You can move, swap and drop the Bibo’s.
- Watch out!You have limited number of turns.

- You can get a star on each level.
- Complete the level on specified number of move and gain the STAR!
- Stars are required to unlock few levels!

- You will get 10 hints for free when starting the game. Use the hints by touching hint icon (Bulb) on top right in the game-play screen.
- If you have used a hint, the 'Hint' icon is displayed on a level selection screen.
- You can remove hint information, click on hint icon on level selection screen and select delete.
Note: If you remove the 'Hint', you cannot recover them!

In-App Purchase:
- You can buy hints on the Shop or in the Game play screen via Hint icon.
- Purchased Hints are not refundable.



04-15-2013, 04:42 PM
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Free on Android Market!!!!