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App description: "They Need To Be Fed 2 is a near-perfect mobile platformer. [...] an incredibly satisfying experience." - Kotaku

4/5 - Touch Arcade

9/10 - Arcadelife

Must Have - Slide To Play

Run and jump in this 360 degree gravity platformer!

Gravity in all directions means you can never fall off, but that's not to say the game is easy!

This is the sequel to the original They Need To Be Fed, which received much acclaim. They Need To Be Fed 2 is bigger, better, full of new surprises but also "more of the same"!

* 360 degree gravity
* 7 worlds to explore
* over 50 levels
* 100+ diamonds to collect
* 20 achievements
* classic mode
* epic mode
* groovy soundtrack by Jake Almond
* slick visual style
* secret golden beans


NEW: Epic Mode

Epic Mode will be unlocked once you complete Classic, and lets you play the game all over again but in a completely different way. Levels are upside down, full of explosions, without checkpoints(!), and new things to collect. It is accompanied by a new track from Jake Almond that is utterly epic.


They Need To Be Fed 2 is like a ridiculous ice cream flavour that you can't get enough of. A superb combination of fun & frustration! You won't find a game like it.

They are hungry... Go feed them!

Sanuku's comments:

04-16-2013, 05:18 AM
I want more Karoshi.

04-16-2013, 05:24 AM
Is this a Joke? Was the last Build really not tested with an New iPad (4th) Gen?!

Last edited by metalcasket; 04-16-2013 at 09:22 AM. Reason: Language, Sanuku!
04-16-2013, 05:31 AM
How it should look like. Taken from an iPad 2:

04-16-2013, 05:45 AM
The first one is amazing... Looking forward for tonight!
04-16-2013, 06:11 AM
Played it for twenty Minutes. Besides the Bug with the Control System on the New iPad (4th Gen) it`s perfect (5/5).

Gameplay Trailer following soon.
04-16-2013, 06:26 AM
Originally Posted by Sanuku View Post
Is this a ****ing Joke? Was the last Build really not tested with an New iPad (4th) Gen?!
Ooh, shame. Can anyone conform if this is also a problem on iPad 3rd gen? Looks lime a Retina issue.

Loved the first one of these, so have high hopes for this.
04-16-2013, 06:32 AM
Joined: Jul 2011
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Same issue as Sanuku, same device. The controls actually work, it's only the overlay that is off. But the game itself is amazing, easily as good as the first.

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04-16-2013, 07:04 AM
So the game's releasing in the US tonight?
04-16-2013, 07:30 AM
I couldnt watch all the Gameplay Trailer but what I saw was awesome, and thats only the beginning...

Originally Posted by Bronxsta View Post
So the game's releasing in the US tonight?
Tonight at midnight, 00:01