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App description: Race, crash and destroy toy robots in this adrenalin fuelled combat racer. Enjoy the thrill and challenge of racing state-of-the-art semi autonomous remote control robots around action-packed tracks, which are staged in green-screen studio events.

But beware: as you increase your ability to obliterate your robot foes, beat track times, and collect loot to earn bonus credits, the tracks get more challenging. Youll have to watch out for dangerous traps and overcome tricky obstacles if you want to climb the ranks and be the best!

Rocket fuelled features:

Cutting edge 3D visuals that place you in the action
A jetpack for blasting past hazards such as rocket launchers, homing missiles, laser turrets, electrified grinders and mines
A turbo power-up that reaches ridiculously fast speeds and obliterates enemies
The ability to battle dangerous enemy robots for loot on 17 challenging tracks
Strategically design robots circuits with boost chips to enhance and fine tune performance

***Test Yourself or Challenge Friends***
Feel like testing your abilities? Then battle against a MIMIC, which is a robot that records your best track score data and uses it to battle against you. Or, take on your friends track scores via Game Center with asynchronous multiplayer to see who reigns supreme. Not only do you have to try and beat the score but also have to contend with your friends robot on the track getting in the way and fighting back.

***Upgrade and Enhance Your Experience***
Along the way, you can upgrade your robot and collect new ones to enjoy different styles of play and racing. Look out for new updates with new content, such as new characters, tracks, music and gameplay features.

***iCloud Support***
Store your progress in iCloud to seamlessly play on any of your iOS devices.

***Cirkits: Toy Robot Racing is free to play, but contains items that can be purchased through in app purchases with real money. If you wish to disable these you can do so through the Restrictions menu on your device. Requires iOS 6.0 or later and is optimized for retina displays and requires iPhone4s and up and iPad2 and up due to being graphically demanding***

***Connect with Us***
Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Get the latest Cirkits: Toy Robot Racing news and more on our website at http://www.cirkits.net or http://www.facebook.com/Cirkits

copaeci's comments:

Youtube link | Pop Up
04-22-2013, 03:41 AM
Game Impressions

04-26-2013, 05:54 AM
Cirkits update

We have been busy working on the first update, and as well as working on general improvements and fixes, here is a character that will be included in the update.

Her name is Angel but she is far from angelic, and has a 360 degree spin attack.

05-03-2013, 05:16 AM
Cirkits 1st update

Hi, the first update for Cirkits: Toy Robot Racing is now available, we have added 2 new characters called Angel and Angel-A that have a 360 degree spin attack.
Angel-A is a variant on Angel but plays differently as her jetpack can accelerate to greater speeds but drains more quickly.

There is also new music for the turbo power-up in pro track, and we have reduced the size of the app and the amount of memory it uses.
We have also fixed a number of known issues with the game, including the boost chips disappearing when exiting the menu.

The next update will include a new enemy character called Reaper.