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Does knowing what apps/games your friends are playing matters?

04-24-2013, 03:53 PM
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Does knowing what apps/games your friends are playing matters?

Hi guys,

I was just wondering that does it matter for you guys to know what games/apps are your friends using these days?

Or for that matter, would it matter to you guys to know which games are being played right now? Like a section 'Apps being played right now' JUST like the one on youtube and other similar video streaming sites. Would such a thing be useful?

I look forward to your feedback

P.S Mods, sorry if its the wrong place to start this convo. I went through the rules, and from what I could understand, my post seemed legit.
04-24-2013, 10:53 PM
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I can usually see what apps my friends are playing by just tilting my head over to glance at their iPhones.

As for the people on Toucharcade, you can also get a good feel of what people are playing by looking at which threads they are posting in.

If your question is about a new app or website where users get spammed with Zynga styled "John Doe has farmed a cow, will you help?" kind of notifications, then not really interested...

EDIT: after rereading your post, are you making a suggestion type app, like when you go to Amazon and they recommend stuff you might like. That is if you like Final Fantasy IV, you might like Symphony of the Origin, Avernum and Lunar Silver Star Story, kind of thing? That had also been done unsuccessfully by someone else already. I had downloaded it, but found its recommendations very weak. If you can pull it off, then it would be great, but currently, I just trawl the forums to see which games that I like have been mentioned in conjunction with others I have yet to play.

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04-25-2013, 05:49 PM
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Nice suggestion Even though that's not what I meant, but its a great idea in itself.

I didnt mean the Zynga-style notifications. It would be like a list of the apps people all over the world are using right now, with the names of people from your facebook friend circle who have used the app written beneath the app icon. Since you already know about your friends' interests and likes/dis-likes, you'll get pretty strong clues whether you should download the app or not. That's the whole idea.