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App description: As a government's spy, you are sent to stop the terrorist aiming to destroy everything you've worked so hard to protect. Equipped with a special gun that creates portals, use it to enter into another dimension and quickly move from one level to the next.


- Collect stars and get through 4 chapters with 60 levels and more.
- Inspired by award-winning Portal game of Valve.
- Clever puzzles with various ways to solve.
- Creative level designs like Prehistoric, Ancient, Medieval, Modern... with different environments and traps.
- Support Game Center with Achievements system.


All iPhones, iPods and iPads.


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05-01-2013, 04:05 AM
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Well...this game's title is rather ambitious...

05-01-2013, 04:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Greyskull View Post
Well...this game's title is rather ambitious...
Yup,the title might bit off more than it can chew..Btw just bought the portal bundle very recently due to a sale on steam..I just wish it will be ported on IOS..
05-01-2013, 04:17 AM
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Okay i'm taking one for the team

Just installed. Basically its a platformer with either left/right icons together or another control scheme with a button far left and one far right.

You press the screen to 'fire' to create a portal. So perhaps touch the ground by yourself to create a portal then another at the top (to get past say a deep cavern), so when you walk into the portal you then appear where the other portal is. So once you have two portals you go from one to the other, on some types of ground you cant create a portal (say on the side of a wall) but from the few levels i've played it all seems quite simple.

So its a bit like a puzzle platformer. Seems to be a lot of levels, you get 1-3 stars per level depending on how you've done. If you like say Cavorite you'll probably like this. No jumping involved, a case of adding portals to get past traps/holes etc

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05-01-2013, 04:25 AM
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Just bought and played the first 10 levels. Aside from the pretentious name, the puzzles are actually pretty decent, thus far.
05-01-2013, 05:49 AM
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05-01-2013, 07:53 AM
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So, the million dollar question. IS this better than Portal????
05-01-2013, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by squabs View Post
Forget GLaDOS, is there any Wheatley?!

゙(゚、 。 7 ノ
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ
05-01-2013, 08:23 AM
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Thats near impossible, the first one is groundbreaking but the second one goes further and beyond it in every way, making it almost perfect. Valve only knows how to make masterpieces. They take is slow but steady. I own all their games on Steam (a lot of sales :P), even just to support them.

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05-01-2013, 09:11 AM
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I just played 6 levels of the game, its portal in 2D, I like it. Just do not like the name of the game, its so easy thought of it seems.