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App description: This defense game will present you the truly stunning European battlefield during World War II.
- Real weapons in World War II (Bazooka / 155mm Cannon / B-29 Bomber / kettenkrad / Volkswagen Kubelwagen / PzKpfw Panzer VI Ausf. E Tiger / Zeppelin Airship).
- Reappear the Great Historical Battles in Europe during WW II.
- Realistic visual effect, ultra-HD (UHD**) pictures and stunning sound effect.
- RPG-like upgrading system.
- 27 medals for you to achieve.
- 6 different types of defending positions and air support.
- Restore the European battlefields in World War II realistically.
- The campaign and customized battles contain 24 challenging maps with 3 difficulty levels; 3 modes are available (3 campaign and 1 customized battles with all modes are available in the free version).

**Note: for old phones, please set the graphics settings to low in order to enjoy smooth pictures.
Please also note that the UHD effect of this game may not fit small-screen devices such as 240*320 phones. Please don't rate us low due to this issue.

The background of this game starts from Normandy landing in 1944 to the ultimate victory of the entire European battlefield.
As an Allied commander, you will need to command your troops to fight against German's attack and obtain the victory of World War II eventually!
World War II, WW II, WW2, Europe, Defense Game, Defense, TD,

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harry0310's comments:

05-02-2013, 11:38 AM
Joined: Apr 2013
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10 codes as usual.


05-02-2013, 11:49 AM
I have taken code 9947A7APJJAN and I would just like to say thank you very much for letting me try your game

Just tried the game and the game is all in I think chinese and I have tried all of the games settings and I cannot get it to play in english as it states in the app store description.

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05-02-2013, 11:51 AM
Joined: Mar 2013
Location: Kitchener, Ontario
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Many thanks.

Just played a quick bit. Looks like a decent Tower Defense game. Nice graphics!

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05-02-2013, 12:02 PM
Joined: Jan 2011
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9KM6HF3AW4AL took!

thank you!!

i'll post later some impressions
05-02-2013, 04:55 PM
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PJYE3ALJTLW6 taken...

thanks a lot!
05-02-2013, 05:04 PM
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Damn lurkers! All codes taken. Ok guys, post some imps please.
05-02-2013, 06:28 PM
Joined: Nov 2011
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Originally Posted by JBRUU View Post
Damn lurkers! All codes taken. Ok guys, post some imps please.
Some people have no class or consideration for others...
05-02-2013, 08:15 PM
Joined: Jan 2011
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the language seems to be only in chinese...???
05-02-2013, 09:22 PM
Joined: Apr 2013
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Originally Posted by dexter77 View Post
the language seems to be only in chinese...???
I'm so sorry, it should be English, but there is a bug..Submitted new version, will be published in about a week.