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App description: Downloaded in over 70 countries!!

Play the classic dots and boxes game on your iDevice! Play against up to four other humans through Game Center or against the computer, head to head. Take turns drawing lines, trying to be the player to make the most boxes. Every time you complete a box, you score a point. This game has a super addictive gameplay and all ages can easily play together! Develop a strategy and use it to pave your way to victory!!

Some of the many features of this app include:

Deeply Integrated Multiplayer
-Play in games with 2-4 people from around the world through Game Center
-Turn based set-up where you can easily manage playing in multiple games
-No limit on the amount of games you can be participating in at once
-Easy alert system for when it is your turn in a game
-Compete in Game Center leaderboards for the most multiplayer wins
-Achievements for multiplayer matches
-Game designed with from the ground up for multiplayer

Local Player
-No Internet connection? The you can still play offline
-Play against 2-4 players
-Good practice for to get ready to play against others in multiplayer
-AI always wants to play with you, never says no to a match
-Mix and max combinations of human and AI players
-Guaranteed to always finish a game
-Watch the AI play against itself in a four-way battle if thats your idea of fun

Extensive Customization
-Customize almost every aspect of the game
-Set images from your camera roll as the background of the game board
-Set the perfect line color to match with the board from 14 color choices
-Change the box capture color for every player
-Adjust the background color on every view

Forever Free
-No In-App Purchases giving unfair advantageous to players willing to pay
-No annoying ads obstructing gameplay
-All features unlocked from the start
-Free updates planned
-Free to download

-Send your friends pictures of your board setup
-Send proof of your domination in multiplayer games
-Easy uploading to Facebook, Twitter, and Sina Weibo
-Easy sending through the mail and messaging applications

Help Section
-Never played dots and boxes? There is a section for you
-Eleven part tutorial for those who need it
-Reset the game data if you ever need a fresh start
-Dont forget about the AI practice mode to increase your skill

iCloud Syncing
-Customizations synced across all of your devices
-Wins on all devices are accounted for
-Easily transfer your stats to new devices

Hope to see you playing in multiplayer!

The source code for this app is available on GitHub.

ATFinke's comments:
Check out my new free game!
05-02-2013, 07:49 PM
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I'm a fifteen year-old making apps for iOS! I would love if I could get some feedback on my latest app!

P.S. It is free with no IAP or ads, all I want is to improve my coding skills and get feedback, not make money.
05-03-2013, 06:50 AM
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I really appreciate all of the feedback you guys have messaged me! Thanks!