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App description: A funky and surreal action-RPG about love, compassion and empathy!

Demon Chic is the story of three roommates just trying to live their lives and keep it together while being constantly assaulted by demons, ghosts, snowmen, and other such monsters!

- Groovy beats made expressly for shaking your sassy little hips to!
- Music from doom veterans Queen Elephantine
- Inventive and strategic combat system
- Absolutely no IAP (In-App Purchases) - you get the whole thing at once!
- Character-driven story set in modern times

As wildly imaginative and trippy as Demon Chic looks and pretty much is, theres a very real base of ideas that ground it in matters of reality that very few games have dared to go near. Its alternative voices telling their tales, their struggles, and those dream sequences do a wonderful job of illustrating them..." - Chris Priestman, IndieStatik

"A uniquely involving and often wryly funny meditation on human tolerance and difference, this game answers the question implicit in Ebert's statement: what can a video game say that other forms of art cannot? A landmark in app design and an indication of the medium's emerging maturity..." - Jayisgames.com, Suzanne

"Its powerful stuff and sometimes deeply sad, but its a fascinatingly surreal world to explore. Its story is so distinctive, weve used a new categoryStory Qualityto highlight just how important and successful it is in Demon Chic." - 148Apps, Jennifer Allen (4/5 stars)

"...at the intersection of animated cartoons, a television sitcom, and the sketchbook of a madman. ... The game bounces around between various levels of realism and rendering styles, full of surrealist vignettes and mini-games that keep the player surprised, entertained, and often delightfully confused." - Uncommon Assembly, Russell Fincher

metalcasket's comments:
05-15-2013, 04:35 AM
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Holy crap... Am i the only one who thinks this looks disturbing but brilliant at the same time? Those character concepts are some of the best ive seen, and most original, and the artstyle somehow reminds me of the days of psychedelia. This feels like a dive into a twisted mind, i like it.

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05-15-2013, 06:57 AM
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i agree im very interested in this.
05-16-2013, 03:34 PM
folks, I gave a try to this piece of art. Imagine an rpg whose animations are done by underground comic makers like Robert Crumb with indie music in an halucinogenic athmosphere. The story is something like a Bukowsky tale or a Lou Reed circa 70s song lyrics. You take the role of three junkies that are ambushed by all types of demons and ghosts and you progress learning more magic spells and gaining xp as you beat them. For more details heres the link to the 148 apps review