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App description: Warp into the future of card battle games.

A highly addictive, strategic, and FREE collectible card game featuring the characters and ships from Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness.

* Easy to learn, difficult to master gameplay
* Over 100 cards based on characters, aliens, and starships
* Challenge friends or random rivals in turn-based card battles
* Earn Federation Credits to buy packs of new cards
* Collect XP to increase your level and earn gold-pressed Latinum rewards
* Upgrade cards to stronger "Elite" versions

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Sanuku's comments:

05-15-2013, 06:57 PM
Joined: Jul 2010
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Oh snap, Star Trek Triple Triad!

05-15-2013, 06:59 PM
Joined: Jan 2012
Location: Philippines
Posts: 22,664
Similar to the Final Fantasy 8 card game? What's that called again?

I hope this isnt its official game movie tie-up, else it's just disappointing.

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05-15-2013, 07:02 PM
Joined: Jul 2010
Location: Canton, Ohio
Posts: 3,230
The FF8 card game mini game was called Triple Card Triad.
05-15-2013, 07:17 PM
Joined: Nov 2011
Location: DC
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I would get this in a heartbeat if it had some kind of AI option to play against. Something more fast-paced would be nice. I've been looking for a "Triple Triad" game for sometime.
05-17-2013, 03:46 AM
Joined: Jul 2010
Location: Manchester, UK
Posts: 653
Downloading this at the minute, will post some impressions later.

Gamecentre ID - .P0tshot. Playing - Final Fantasy 9, Hearthstone, Blood Bowl, Magic Puzzle Quest, Crashlands Wanting - Xcom 2, Blood Bowl 2, Resonance of Fate!
05-17-2013, 04:12 AM
Joined: Jul 2010
Location: Manchester, UK
Posts: 653
Ok so first impressions are it is Triple Triad, there aren't any timers but looking at some of the cards you can find it would appear to be quite pay to winnable. It would also appear to have no gameclock either so I think it may start to suffer from the problem of when people start to lose a game they just stop playing rather than lose.

I'll have go for a bit, it's free and if nothing else the sounds are cool. Also will start an add me thread as there is the obligatory referral codes.

Gamecentre ID - .P0tshot. Playing - Final Fantasy 9, Hearthstone, Blood Bowl, Magic Puzzle Quest, Crashlands Wanting - Xcom 2, Blood Bowl 2, Resonance of Fate!
05-18-2013, 04:56 AM
It's nice to have another Triple Triad variant to play - and since I'm feeling kinda brain-dead this weekend I'm glad it doesn't seem to have the PLUS or SAME WALL variants that FF8 did.

I don't see it as a game which would have any sort of serious "high-level" play, but Latinum can be used to give you unfair advantages if you REALLY want to beat a rival.

Don't like your starting hand? Spend 5 Latinum to get a mulligan.

Are you Player 2, on your last move, and want to know which of your two cards can successfully defend against the final card your opponent will play? Spend 5 Latinum to reveal that card. (You can do that at any time, even before they've taken their first turn, to reveal their entire hand.)

While there are no unbeatable cards, I question Decalithium Red Matter. It breaks the Golden "Rule of 32" in Triple Triad (no card should EVER have a combined total of more than 32 points across all four points). Since it's ALWAYS vulnerable to a 10 from ANY side, it's not like it's an unbeatable God Card on high level play ... but against mid-level opponents it's pretty much a game-winner unless you're left with no combo abilities on TWO sides. The other cards are fine - only the Enterprise and Mining Vessel Narada have 32 points (and both of those are vulnerable to attack from below from anything 6+). All other Standard cards are 30 or less.

It almost seems like the best "growth strategy" early on is to form a "Friend Team" of like-minded players, and everyone just try to complete as many games as quickly as possible. Even if you lose, you still gain 50% of the rewards you would for a victory, and there doesn't seem to be any Ranking System or even a Win/Loss record yet.

For every Cadet Pack you buy, you can play another "active game."
When you win against a friend, you earn 300 Credits and 100 XP.
When you tie against a friend, you earn 250 Credits and 60 XP.
When you lose against a friend, you earn 200 Credits and 50 XP.

When NOT a friend, the rewards are lessened (winning was 250 Credits).

So if you play against all friends, you're guaranteed a Cadet Pack every five games.

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05-18-2013, 01:13 PM
Joined: May 2012
Posts: 156
I'm not sure if this is because I'm on a paid urban wi-fi network or not but ...

I'm having a ton of network issues in this game.

I have 2 games that I've ended with a third just starting.

All 3 get "could not connect to server" messages and have been trapped like for the last 4 - 5 hours.

In that time I've started 4 other games that are in process of being completed if the other players would only respond. I've brought 3 packs of cards as well as finishing at least 2 games.

I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it now I can't even log in to play.

Going to try on my home network once I get home.
05-18-2013, 07:07 PM
Yeah, the game was definitely VERY laggy and unstable during most of this afternoon. They seem to have gotten their act together now, though, and things are running mostly smoothly again.

During that time I wrote up a quick list of all the cards, their number values and color rarity spread (all Standard Bronze cards are between 14-16 points, for example, and then the power jumps up to at least 21 for Silver cards). I posted that over at http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/71564...ivals/66226548 for easy reference. (Most ELITE cards add +2 points to the overall Standard values.)