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Review: What's the Difference?

07-16-2009, 12:31 PM
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Review: What's the Difference?

A new JVL game (Color Drops, Pick21, Balloonia, Done Drinking and Double Quiz) was released this month: What's the Difference? ($1.99 - 40.4 MB)

This is another very, very polished game in all aspects: awesome graphics, good background music, subtle sounds, outstanding interface (very detailed, including a themed keyboard), local and a complete online high score well organized.

As soon as you start the game you can see how JVL takes care of the interface, it's simply great. I'm one kind of consumer that likes a good presentation and JVL delivers it in every of their games. That's why I'm a fan!

The gameplay is nothing new: find 5 differences between two pictures.

In WTD you have 3 game modes: Survival, Challenge and Practice:

So along with a quick session (Survival) or a mode where you can get more time to advance (Challenge) you can play (or your kids) a stressless game just for fun. It's a nice touch since not all of us (or our kids) wants to run against time (it's like the paper version).

And to feed all those modes WTD has a reasonable 500 images library.

By starting one of the modes above you have two pictures side by side in a album alike book:

The first time I've played it I confess that I found the pictures small compared to other difference games. However, it's just a matter of two or three pictures to get use to it. The differences I've found so far are not too hard to find (e.g. small detail), in fact they are mostly big and sometimes you think: "How I didn't see it before?".

To help you the game gives you 3 hints that find a difference instead point to an area. This approach is perfect for the game that has a fast paced gameplay.

Finally, the game can properly resume and plays iPOD music along with game sounds. My only suggestion is support for BOTH landscape orientations.


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