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App description: "It's time to leave your hometown to enroll yourself and protect your kingdom"

Synopsis :

It is 5 beliefs driving the world into the war, let it be royal bloods, vengeance, equilibrium, nature's fury or just desire to take on fertile lands. You grew up learning that your belief is the only true good and others are false. If your kingdom falls everyone you've ever known and their descendants have to live as slaves for a long time.
Losing this war is not an option

Features :

Game to make you feel like you are actually traveling
Ever growing number of classes to be more than 80
Easy and well-thought interfaces
Classes that have their own unique roles to take to battles
Mini games to upload and compare your scores
In-game forum to ask, answer and propose
Warm cozy tavern to meet your comrades
Battlegrounds to battle enemy alliances
Capital cities for every kingdoms (coming soon)
Real time siege, rvr, raid (coming soon)
Knight weapons for heroes at frontiers (coming soon)
Dungeon to conquer with your order (coming soon)
Write songs and poems to share with worlds (coming soon)
Order system for group actions (coming soon)
Farming system for orders to help out hungry children across kingdoms (coming soon)
Naval warfare with pirates at far seas (coming soon)
Air battle with Skyrims against dragons (coming soon)

Words :

"One of my most favored games it has a good combo of action and adventure and all of my friends love the game too" by Milesm10

"I like the idea if the local battles and parties, but I think there should be more of a storyline, and a more in depth tutorial. Overall a pretty good game though" by Ginger613

"A rough diamond, really interesting concept, reminds me of mount and blade, if your looking for something different" by Superliminal

"I am very pleased with this game! I have been looking for something like mount and blade forever and here it is! I really want the devs to get heaps of money from this game, and continue updating it with great content! I have decided to get the full version, and am currently making a forum on touch arcade for this. I wish the best of luck to you guys and I will try to get many people to try it out!" by Swimmingcub

"0 Stars, This is the WORST most deceptive game I've ever played" by VictortT

"Its complex but fun can you make full version for like free for a day? So we can get all da features thn recommend it to our friends" by SoyChingon

"This game is a gone I've been waiting for to come out and i want more games like it" by Ms msj113

"Top Ten Favorite Game, A really unique game will endless variations, I think it's amazing and there's no in app purchases. Should be a lot more popular" by Selimop

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05-27-2013, 03:26 AM
Joined: Aug 2012
Posts: 253
Wow this is a really great game, I only have the demo but I will definitely be getting the full version! If anybody's been lookin for something like mount and blade here it is!!

I recommend this game to anyone that likes rpgs, rts, or likes mount and blade! Spread the news because the developers deserve some money for there hard work!

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05-27-2013, 06:44 PM
Joined: Aug 2012
Posts: 253
Also does anyone know where the fantasy monsters are? There's a dragon an cyclops in the pictures.

Last edited by swimmingcub; 05-28-2013 at 08:08 PM.