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Wagon Shootout: Type it with speed, Outlaws style!

05-30-2013, 12:44 PM
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Wagon Shootout: Type it with speed, Outlaws style!

Google Play: http://bit.ly/1156R8o

Now grab your gun, jump up the wagon, ride in the wilderness of the west in “Wagon Shootout”! As the members of Jackson family, Gavin and Albert establish an express agency - "Black-Water Company", which in charge of delivering and protecting treasure and Valuables to the destination.

On the way of delivery, you will face your enemy, the biggest robber band in this borderland - "Gun Bless U". How to make the best use of your weapons and ammunition to defeat the upcoming robbers is the key to the victory.

Wagon Shootout let you experience:

Excitement against the clock you’ve never met
- The faster you type, the faster we shoot!
- Edutainment, make your typing speed invincible.

Diverse, rich weapons Features
- Features of well-designed weapons, let you forget the existence of the keyboard
- Variety of shooting modes, perfectly match the features of guns

Funny, comedy characters
- The unique characteristics will bring a smile to your face
- Some hidden role will appear to surprise you

The coolest special skills
- "Slow Motion", " Turbo boost" ride lead you to the triumph

Endless Temple-Run style
- Enjoy the changing environment of Wagon Shootout

Cant wait to play Wagon Shootout? Download Now to experience the Wild West style and follow Gavin & Albert to a straightforward robber rush !

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06-04-2013, 12:43 AM
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Super High Scores!!

YES! We got 97 POINTS super high scores on AppBrain.

ps: AppBrain is the most popular android market website on US and Europe.

06-10-2013, 01:46 PM
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Wagon Shootout News Collections!!

Wagon Shootout News Collections, let’s check out!

TUTTOAndroid.net: (Italian)
"Dimenticatevi dei controlli vecchio stile e scordate anche quelli moderni, questa volta per usare le armi dovrete digitare velocemente delle precise parole con la tastiera del vostro device Android!"

Android Apps.com:
"Wagon Shootout is a solid typing game that’s good for some quick fun when you’ve got a few minutes to spare."

"I am sort of torn when it comes to playing Wagon Shootout. I really enjoy the addictive gameplay and western theme. It's a fun, alternative take on the endless runner genre"

"版本集結咗iOS版本玩家提出既眾建議,其中最大亮點就係具有「力回饋」 既虛擬鍵盤拉。以往喺打字上會無實體鍵盤感,而喺 Android 版本中加入咗力回饋功能。"

"《马车枪战 Wagon Shootout》给人的第一感觉是一款射击类游戏,不过严格来讲,它是一款文字游戏。但令人吃惊的是,该 游戏在 iOS 平台曾连续3个月进入热门下载榜,足以可见这款文字游戏的魅力。"

"没错!这货是文字射击游戏!这么奇葩的游戏内容,着实佩服了开发商的创意……而且,这种创意还让众多iO S平台玩家买账,曾3个月进入热门下载榜。"

"游戏的玩法非常创新,给变了一沉不变的射击游戏风格,虽然操作看似简单,只需我们动动手指轻敲几下键盘就 可以了,但是由于怪物的数量繁多,如果你不能背下键盘的顺序,越往后就会越吃力。"

What are you waiting for? U.S. App Store "arcade", "adventure" classified "What's Hot" list for over 3 months to win first place. Now on Google Play!!

Google Play: http://bit.ly/1156R8o

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