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App description: An amusing backstory...a strange experience on a high desert plateau...a rather large monster truck. A10 ups the ante in the monster truck category with their newest gameand dares you not to crack a smile while you race. The controls are simple and will come naturally, so even your sister can play.

Behold the mighty monster truck!
Can it run over stuff?

Can it jump higher than an elephant?
For sure!!

Is it fun to drive?

This monster truck game pushes into new territory with higher jumps, more fun destroyable obstacles, and a cast of totally wack cartoon characters that keep the laughs coming and the action going. Task #1: Press down on the accelerator. Task #2: There is none. Youve already won! Everything else is gravy, probably in the form of stains on the front of your shirt. Abso-truckin-lutely!

"One of the stupidest games Ive ever played! The first monster truck game my little sister would like.
-Ted, from Baltimore"

"Hes right, I do like it!"
-Teds sister, also from Baltimore"

"A modern day classic! Wry, thought provoking, and makes you cry in the end!
-Piers, from Denmark"

"Finally! Touchpad game dynamics used for a socially relevant purpose!
-Mr. Higgenbottom, London"

Fewer Than 2,500 Thrilling/Chilling Levels!
More Than 12 Minutes of Extreme Fun!zOnly Game Ever With Digital Bologna!
Suitable For Children & Adults!
Play Like It's 1999!

Parts of the multiplayer experience require an internet connection.
06-04-2013, 04:21 PM
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Looks good and reminds me of Offroad Legends.

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