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App description: Shadow Steps Mini is a version created for smaller devices such as the iphone and ipod touch. The gameplay is the same as Shadow Steps created for IPAD, but some modifications to the UI for a better fit and smaller install size.

Shadowsteps is a hybrid of 'follow the pattern' with RPG genre.

You will be exploring the wilderness, enter caverns, disable traps, find loot, fight monsters and bosses, as well as unlocking treasure chests for weapons, and armour.

All completed by correclty remembering the correct sequence of patterns displayed. You can always ask for a new pattern, but this will increase the completion difficulty for current taskk.

Find hidden rellics for score boosters, and show in Game Centre that your skill and memory is above all !
06-05-2013, 05:10 PM
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small follow up

This game was originaly intended as an Ipad only game, and was a side track while we where doing other things. We got some comments about this probably would be a better pick up and go iphone game, so we made some adjustments and released as a new game.

This game is intended for a bit of quick fun, and it was a small idea that eventualy lead to probably the most complex 'follow the pattern' game out there. Noone have asked about how stats like 'armour' counts in, or what brings you to the boss room and get the nifty loot, but I guess the fanbase is too small

Anyway. For IPAD launch we also got some good suggestions/requests about making it more story/quest driven, a bigger influence in choice of 'level up rewards' (not it is a bit random what you get), and a whole lot of other things we'd love to add, none of those made it to the initial iphone release.

Mostly because the IPAD launch didnt even cover the cost to create the splash screen. Tough word

Anyway, test it out, cheaper than a cup of cofee and we can see if it warrants future addons while we continue working on our upcomming game, a different take on a rougelike.. a mix of rougelike with boardgame.

Feel free to ask any questions about this game.

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06-06-2013, 03:39 AM
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Got a few questions how the scoring works.

1- for each set of 'place' you 'defeat', you get a random score that is multiplied with a dificulty factor. So the highter the level, the higher the score.

2-Boss give bonus score, as they are the toughest to defeat per level. In addition to a sure loot drop, bosses are something to try hunt down.

3-traps damage health and shields if you miss a single step, so they too give a score boost.

4-Some loot does not grant any benefits such as health, shield, armour, skill or crit chanse, but instead offer a nice bonus to overall score.

Most players seems to fail the correct pattern when reaching 5-6 steps, so by having a bit randomized scoring, coupled with better score for the more difficult tasks and a bonus item every now and then, it is possible to constantly get a better score.

The current 'device' high score is always displayed, and also you can compete on the GC leaderboard.