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Pinball Rocks HD (by Gameprom)

06-05-2013, 04:16 PM
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Pinball Rocks HD (by Gameprom)

Sony has a new portable game in the works for music fans who can play a mean pinball.

Pinball Rocks HD, due later this month for iOS devices, is a free game that has a rotating soundtrack from bands such as Filter, The Sword, Chevelle, Red, All That Remains, Hatebreed, Nonpoint and guitarist Richie Kotzen.
The game, developed with Gameprom, marks Sony Music's first attempt at a freemium game. Within the game are multiple ways players can spend a bit to upgrade their music and game experience.

If players hear a song that they like, they can seamlessly buy the music on iTunes from within the game. Also within the game are upgrades for premium pinball tables devoted to artists AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Bullet for My Valentine and Slayer ($2.99 each). Sony and Gameprom previously collaborated on the AC/DC and Slayer-themed pinball games, which have been available individually. They will remain available as standalone apps ($2.99 each) and as part of the Pinball Rocks HD compilation.

Among the power-ups available for purchase are multiball and ball saver (10 each for 99 cents) and extra ball (5 for 99 cents), with more to be added in subsequent releases.

Music in games will be regularly updated; Sony Music hopes that games such as Pinball Rocks will introduce players to new music and increase sales of digital tracks and albums.

"What we set out to achieve with Pinball Rocks was to take the idea of a free to play game, and transform it into a music discovery application without losing the core entertainment value that a game provides," said Brad Spahr, Sony Music Entertainment's vice president of product development, global digital business, in an email exchange. "We know that there are tens of millions of consumers that love both music and games, and what we are delivering is a great free game featuring new music that is curated and refreshed, and premium customized experiences showcasing top rock artists in the market."

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A test drive of the iPad version of the game found Pinball Rocks HD brought back memories of past real-world pinball marathons. Players tap near the bottom left and right to activate flippers to keep their ball alive. There was no evidence that undue shaking would cause a tilt. With each ball, a new testosterone-heavy track served as a soundtrack.



Release date - June 2013
06-10-2013, 06:21 PM
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Release date - 13 June

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