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iPhone: $4.99->$0.99: Taxiball + Something *Ridiculous*

07-19-2009, 04:09 AM
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$0.99->$1.99 (on the way to $4.99): Taxiball + Something *Ridiculous*

Okay. The haiku thing was really awesome. Your response here was pretty incredible. But where to go from there? Epic poems? Crop circles? A contest for building the best real-life Taxiball?

Maybe someday. But I'm curious. We've tried the $0.99 price point a while back, and while it upped the volume, it didn't get us to a point where the game's momentum snowballed on its own.

So here's what I'm curious about. Anyone else read Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point"? In it, he makes a case that epidemics are created by a relatively small number of people. There are salesmen, who are good at convincing people to do things. There are mavens, who are people who have a piece of information they really want to spread to others. There are connectors, who have really crazy networks of friends & acquaintances.

Now, for the iPhone gaming community, I think that touchArcade has a lot of the types of people to create a Taxiball epidemic. I've seen so much cross-posting from touchArcade that I know the community here reaches out into other communities, from slickdeals to NeoGAF to IGN to wherever - on game sites, non-game sites - the people that post here are the people who non-gamers turn to when they're looking for something to play.

So, I've got a proposition for you.

Help us, and we'll put you in our game. Win this contest, and we'll make you into a fare in Taxiball, and we'll add your name (or username) to the end-game credits. It's a little tricky, though, so bear with me.

1.) We're dropping the price from $4.99 to $0.99 for TWO DAYS ONLY*. Yes, we'll get back to that asterisk. But that's a $4 drop. Should be easy to convince people this is a bargain. And I personally guarantee that we *will* go back to $4.99 when this is all over. More details are below.

2.) The higher up in the rankings we get, the more users will be turned into fares.
* Top 100 Paid Games: 1 user
* Top 75 Paid Games: 2 users
* Top 50: 3 users
* Top 25: 5 users
* Top 10: 10 users
* Number 1: 15 users

Yes our artist is going to murder me. But if we actually make it to the point where she has to make 15 avatars, I'm sure it'll be a very happy, cheerful sort of murdering, so I guess I'm alright with that.

3.) Now, you might think that this sort of sucks - the more people buy the game, the worse your chances get of being turned into a fare. Well, here's the thing. There are only three places I'm posting this. I'm posting it here. I'm posting a link to this on our blog, and on our Twitter feed. That's it. That means that the only people who know that this contest is even happening are people who've read this post. And the only people who *can* win are the people who've read this post and followed the rules. So the higher Taxiball gets up the ranks, the better your odds get of winning.

4.) There's another condition, re: the price of the game. Here's the (*) from the earlier post.

Every day we're out of the top 100 after that two-day intro period, the price increases by a dollar, up until it returns to $4.99. If we get into a top-100 list the price holds steady for that day, rather than increasing. And if we don't make it into the top 100, the price climbs all the way up to $4.99 again, then CONTEST FAIL and no one gets immortalized this round. Oh, and every time a new threshold is crossed (into top 100, into to 75, etc.) the price drops back to $0.99.

5.) Okay. You get it? It's kind of convoluted, but also really simple. Spread the word. If the game gets into the top lists, the contest starts for real and people can win digital immortality! If not, the price climbs back up to $5, and we all lose. Boo.

6.) Here's how to play:
* Buy a copy of Taxiball (if you don't have one already)
* Add the user "Spaceman" to your friend list. (If you want, you can also add "helava," which is me, but it won't help your chances any...)
* Post a score on "NASBall"
* See if you can help us get into the top 100+ Paid Games. However you want. Post somewhere, tell your friends, buy a thousand copies of the game... just don't go blindly spamming everywhere, please, or using any particularly underhanded tactics.

That's it. When it's all said and done, I'll draw the winners, post the winning usernames here, and then using a sooper-seekrit method, have the winners verify their identities, get some photos, and in the next update, we'll have people added in as fares in a new set of levels!

And since that's an incredibly long set of rules... any questions?


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07-19-2009, 04:22 AM
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Originally Posted by selfawaregames View Post
And since that's an incredibly long set of rules... any questions?
That's a very long set of rules, especially posting them @ 2am!

EDIT: What's NASBall?

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07-19-2009, 04:28 AM
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Maybe it's because it's 2am, and I'm a little giddy from 1.2 finally being approved, and I'm tired enough to be a little stupid? Hahaha.

NASBall is one of the levels that was introduced in 1.2 - it's the big oval. It's basically the easiest level to post a time on from the paid version that isn't accessible in the Free version.

07-19-2009, 04:30 AM
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Sounds cool!
I played the lite version a while ago and I really enjoyed it.
Now at a price of just a buck I think I'll pick it up!
Anyway, good luck with the sales...

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07-19-2009, 04:44 AM
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Still full price in uk store.
07-19-2009, 05:07 AM
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Originally Posted by TheKrazyRussian View Post
EDIT: What's NASBall?
I think that's a level of the game.

My latest purchases: Zenonia, Tornado Mania, Rolando 2, 32x32, Sky Burger...

Jailbroken 8GB iPod touch.
I do not use cracked apps!
07-19-2009, 06:22 AM
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Now this is what I'm talking about!! Not only would I never have purchased the game at $4.99 (let's be frank guys, your lite version is awesome), but now I am really excited to play the game and share it with friends.

Bravo!! This is what developers need to do with promo codes. Just blindly posting 10 promo codes in hopes of getting 10 reviews seems to be a pretty stupid idea. When you release a game, do something like this or a contest (with galactic gunner going bananas).

You guys rock and I'm going to be enjoying the heck out of Taxiball starting RIGHT NOW!!*@&

*Technically I already have been enjoying the heck out of it with the lite version, but who's really counting?

@My ipod is in the bedroom and I don't want to wake my wife, so I will just download it to itunes and will enjoy the heck out of it later.

&I can still enjoy it from the standpoint of thinking about it, so perhaps I will start now.
07-19-2009, 08:11 AM
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This game is actually awesome, people. The poetic madness will make you want more.

And possibly some of the coolest pixel-art I've ever seen.

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07-19-2009, 08:26 AM
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Sounds.. ambitious. But good luck
07-19-2009, 08:49 AM
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What a cool idea. I've done the first 3 steps, now I just gotta get more people to buy the game.


by the way, hungry ball is just awesome, what a great level. I was thinking, "this looks familiar- but what's up with all these bumper things?". Then I zoomed out to see where a fare had to go and just started laughing. Kudos.

Good luck getting into the top 100!