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Welcome to the Pukiimon universe - collect Pukiimons and be the master of the chop!

- Addictive, fast and fun; each level only takes a minute or two to complete!
- Work your way through the levels - each one harder than the last!
- Collect over 20+ Pukiimon to complete the collection!
- Chop and slash the PukiBalls to get enough PukkiDust to move on!
- Fun for the whole family with beautiful graphics and fun gameplay!

Pukiimons are fun creatures with bright personalities. On this wild adventure you must collect them all by opening PukiiBalls with the power of your swipe.

Pukiimon HD is a fun and friendly game where you must chop the balls into quarters as they fly onto your screen. You only have a few second to open the ball... so be fast! Pukiimon can be played whenever you get bored and everywhere you go! Work your way through the challenging levels and become the master of the chop!

The world of Pukiimon is vast with dozens of wild Pukiimons to collect. Simply play through the levels to unlock Pukiimon, as soon as you have collected enough, a Pukiimon will be added to your collection! Catch Biig, Ghostlii and more - theyre all just a chop away!

Everyone will enjoy the bright and beautiful graphics along with the addictive gameplay of Pukiimon HD - join forces to collect all of the Pukiimon and work your way through the levels to become a Pukiimon master!

In Pukiimon HD, you must chop the PukiiBalls into quarters to collect PukkiDust, when you have enough, a new Pukiimon will be unlocked - just dont let the ball fall until you have chopped it! As you progress through the game, it will become harder to keep up... improve your skill and master the chop!

Be a Pukiimon master - in Pukiimon HD for iPad!

kalak's comments:

The love for Pokiimon and its characters was started more than a decade ago and it’s still popular among the kids. Kids are enchanted with those funny but yet powerful characters which are mostly represented as different forms of dinosaurs. There has been thousands and thousands of new characters which has been portrayed in the games, movies, cartoons and much more to attract and entice the kids. Combining the entertaining factors of several successful games can surely increase the quality output of the combined game which is developed based on those factors. Pukiimon HD is one such entertaining app which has been developed and launched by the Ulrik Motzfeldt gaming company for the iPad users. The app requires iOS 5.0 or later versions of the software for its effective functioning.



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Can you be any more blatant?
06-22-2013, 08:08 AM
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Lets get this over with:
Seriously man? Trying to con people with that name?
06-23-2013, 04:55 PM
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two thumbs down. get this crap off itunes -.-
06-25-2013, 04:56 AM
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Hahaha.....that name.....took you a long time to find an original one...?

He will get sued big time by the looks of that piccie...

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