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App description: A great and addictive puzzle game you will love - try it and you will see: you won't be able to stop playing!

What is this thrilling game about? Connect all numbers (starting with #1) on the screen but beware: don't forget to cover all squares! Be as efficient as possible and try to reduce your number of moves. They will all be counted and used for your Game Center achievements. Start challenging your friends now!

In total 1296 puzzles out of 6 categories are ready to be solved. But don't worry - they come in different sizes, from 4x4 to 9x9 squares, so you can start easy and increase the difficulty as you progress. There is even a whole category especially for kids!

- Over 1200 different puzzles
- 6 different categories
- Changeable game modes: Play it with numbers or letters - it can be changed at any time
- Hints: Use them to solve the puzzle when you're stuck
- Game Center integration: Challenge your friends!
- ... and try your best to unlock all 26 different achievements
- ... or reach for the top in one of 11 leaderboards
- Great sound effects and music (can be turned on/off separately)

- Great and fast Time Attack Mode!

Start playing now and try to reach the highest rank!
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MichaelContento's comments:

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06-28-2013, 06:03 AM
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Oh man, I played the crap out of Free Flow and Free Flow Bridges. This looks like it's very much in the same category.

I've tried the first few levels. I'm definitely going to pay to remove the ads on this one. I have a feeling I'm going to knock out all 1,200 puzzles. I love this kind of game.

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06-28-2013, 06:39 AM
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Thanks for this positive feedback CzarCastic! The v6.0 update with even more levels should be available in the next days
06-28-2013, 07:24 AM
Joined: Jan 2010
Location: Michigan
Posts: 2,164
I've played through the first level pack, and I just wanted to comment on the IAP structure. You earn stars by completing levels in a certain amount of time. For the first set of levels, it looks like that time limit is somewhere in the 3 second range. You then use those stars to unlock additional level packs. The levels appear to be arranged in sets of 36 and there are 1,296 levels. There are currently 6 levels of difficulty, with the first 36 levels unlocked at each difficulty, so you can play 216 levels for free. (There's also a Time Attack mode which I haven't tried yet.)

At first, I was saving up my stars to unlock the "Remove Ads" feature, which costs 75 stars, but then I reached the end of the first level pack, and it forced me to use my stars to unlock level 2. So, it looks like you're going to be forced to buy stars to remove the ads. The smallest IAP is currently $1.99 and gets you 100 stars, which is enough to remove the ads. It also gives you 25 extra stars, which you may need at the higher levels to unlock level packs if you're not able to earn the star on some of the levels.

Overall, I think it's a decent IAP structure at a fair price. I'd certainly be willing to pay $1.99 just to remove the ads, but I'm a big fan of these games. It's just a bonus that I get a few extra stars in case I can't get the star on some of the future levels. I'll still be able to advance.

I'll also say that I hate ads. I pay to remove them in every game I can. The ads in this game are kind of annoying. There's a small banner ad at the bottom of the menu. During gameplay, a full screen ad pops up after every few completed levels. This can be a pain if you are going fast. More than once already, I've been moving along and hit the ad instead of the "Next Level" button, which forces me to the App Store. Then I have to exit and reenter the game. I'll be getting rid of the ads ASAP.

And...I have one suggestion for the dev. When you complete a level, you're given the option to advance to the next level or retry the current level. I would love to see an option added to return to the menu. As it is now, you have to advance to the next level (or retry), then you can exit out to the menu. It's just one extra click, but I'm lazy. I'd love it if I didn't have to make that one extra click every time. This is one of those games where you go back to retry levels quite frequently. I don't want to have to advance to the next level if I'm playing out of order to star a specific level. Just a suggestion. Doesn't seem like it'd be that hard to implement, but I'm no game developer.

Overall, though, its a great game and I'm sure I'm going to blast through the available content. Hopefully there are updates planned to add more levels.

Edit: The game is SOOOOOOOO much better without ads. I will add, though, that after I paid to remove ads, I still had ads in the game. I had to exit the game and clear the game from multitasking to get the ads to go away. I only mention this because the most recent "What's New" mentions that you should not have to restart the app to make ads disappear. This is not the case. You still have to restart to make them go away.

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