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App description: Game Description:
Villains have taken over the world, and they now vie for supremacy against one another. Fuelled by your minions, use underhanded tactics and devious strategy combined with your Villain's unique ability to destroy your foes and maintain dominance.

Game Features:
Single and Multiplayer Modes.
Artificial Intelligence/ Bot to facilitate single player mode.
Game Center Integration.
Competing against maximum of four players in an online mode.
Different card types with specific purposes.
Fear Factor based points system.
Selection of three, four and five weapon set to complete before starting the game.
Users can play with special, attack, weapons, villains and minions cards.

Game Rules:
Each Player starts the game with 5 random cards dealt form the deck.
On each player's turn, draw 3 cards from the deck. During your turn, you will have the ability to play up to 4 moves. At the end of your turn, you cannot have more than 8 cards, and if you do have more than 8 with no moves remaining, you will have to discard the additional cards.
Moves can consist of playing minions cards to increase your defense against fear factor attacks, placing weapons on your play area for future fear factor attacks, or play various exploit cards such as special cards or attack cards (see cards section of help text for more details on all cards).
There is no change given in the game, so be sure to have small minions placed.
If you finish the cards in your hand, you will be able to draw 6 cards from the deck on your next turn.
To win the game, one player must reach the required number of super weapons selected at the start of the game.
Strategy is key in this game, and practice makes perfect. Try out a few rounds against the computer to get a hang of the game then head out to fight some of your Villain rivals online.
07-04-2013, 09:43 AM
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Gave this game a brief play; looks like a fun multiplayer card game. Scales well on an iPad Mini, no advertisements, so far it seems like there are NO iaps either.
07-15-2013, 02:55 PM
Joined: Jul 2012
Posts: 1,183
Yeah, it's totally free. No ads, iaps, or anything. it's a "set completion" card game, where you play the different types of weapons in front of you, and you can play multiples of each weapon, up to three. The more of each weapon you have, the more damage it does when you attack with it, up to three, when it is now considered a "super weapon." Super weapons do the most damage, and are also safe from being stolen with the normal weapon stealing cards. But there are several cards than can steal a whole super weapon. They are also the goal of the game. You set how many super weapons you need to complete to win the game in the settings menu.

Another kind of cards you can play in front of you are minion cards. They are a kind of "currency" card that you can pay when attacked instead of losing weapons. Also, your character card can spend minions to activate their special ability. So you always want to have alot of minions handy.

Attack cards list two of the weapon types, and you play an attack card, then specify which weapon you are attacking with and who you are attacking. The strength of the attack depends on how many of that weapon you have. The defending player has to give minions equal to the attack value, and if they run out of minions, they have to pay the difference in weapons.

There are other special cards that have various effects in the game, but those are the basics. Having played a few rounds and described the basics above, I have come to realize that this game is almost a card for card reskin of the "Monopoly Deal" card came. That's not a bad thing, because I have that game and it is alot of fun. But they have replaced the cash with minions, the properties with weapons, and the "landing on property" cards with attacks. So if you like this and want a physical version, you know what to get, lol.