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Ground Breakers - Bring back memories of Turn based strategy/Turn based tactic

07-07-2013, 12:08 PM
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Ground Breakers - Bring back memories of Turn based strategy/Turn based tactic

Announcing Ground Breakers, a free to play Turn based Strategy game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

This game is an attempt to put a good turn based strategy and turn based tactic to the gaming community. Being a fan ourselves, we developing this game with one question in mind: is this gonna be our favorite game like Fire Emblem series or Romance of Three Kingdom XI or Final Fantasy Tactic Advance? Even saying so we still trying to go with our own ideas and we believe those new features won't disappoints you!

================================================== =====

A few centuries after the apocalypse, ice in the two poles have melted and the earth has no land left. Disorder and riot occurs everywhere. Governments were destroyed. People built giant cubes and linked them together to have a place to live on. Minerals became rare and hold much value. All the big corporate and organization rise to powers and start to trade, research robot run by water to dominate mineral rich areas. You, as the new chairman of one of the great organization, driven by your ambition, have raised your own robot army and start your conquest campaign to bring order to the chaotic world.

You will manage your robots army, research new robots and customization their abilities while dominating the world region by region.
Key features:

- Free to play
- Conquest the world by dominates each region turn by turn and defeats all opposing forces.
- Classic turn based tactic battle with grid map.
- Multi-floors battlefield and tactic points to capture.
- Unique units with unique abilities and endless customization possibilities.
- Collect robot parts to craft robots.
- Cartoon style graphic.
- Multi-players and cross-platforms online battle.

A few screenshots from PC version - Iphone and Ipad's images will be provided soon but there won't be much different

07-07-2013, 12:40 PM
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I flicked through the screen shots and thought "this looks like it could be good" then read "free to play" and stopped reading.
07-07-2013, 12:43 PM
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I assure you there will be no pay wall or lack of developing effort from us