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App description: "Combines the attentiveness of a match-3 and the quick thinking of a Tetris with the musical beats of a Tap Tap Revenge."

"Accelerometer controlled, Bopple can be played in any position because the marbles move around just like real marbles inside a box. With auto-flip functionality, you can even shake the device to scramble them and re-orient your device accordingly. In addition, the marble physics seem spot on and realistic with some nice sound effects as marbles hit each other (think Skittles bouncing off each other)."

"The more I played this, the more it just became more of a relaxing experience."

"the challenge will keep you engaged, but the music will keep you addicted and wanting more."

"The music in Bopple and how notes are incorporated into the individual marbles really sets it apart. The soundtracks vary from jazz to blues, and the polish of the game is very evident from the menu screens"

"deliver some terrific gameplay."

[Big Albie - Touch Arcade Reviewer]

"Interactive Fan are showing themselves to be an eminently capable team that design polished, entertaining games that make an effort to innovate in ways that arent just for the sake of being different. Sick as most of you probably are of matching games, you may want to take a good look at Bopple."

[Eric March - Frapstr.com]


TAP ONLY ONCE the screen to listen to the melodies your marbles play or DOUBLE TAP to skip the music and speed the game.

Videos at: www.youtube.com/interactivefan

Get a higher score!
-Explode longer chains of balls to get a higher score.
-If you clear the screen of marbles you will double your score.
-If there is a marble with two notes in a chain, you will get two times the score.
-If there is a marble with three notes, three times the score.
-If you combine a marble with two and a marble with three notes in the same chain you will get six times the score!

Also from Interactive Fan:
- Fan Caps

InteractiveFan's comments:

Don't trust your eyes, it's not a game with static marbles where you move one or two! It's like having a real jar full of marbles moving inside.

Big Albie review here at Touch Arcade (4/5) - Review: Bopple offers addicting musical experience with a few dropped

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