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App description: Eternal Descent's Heavy Metal Heroes brings the cult fantasy comic to life on all your iOS devices, so get ready to carve a path through the endless hordes and fight your way to the gates of Hell!

NEW! Version 1.5 brings a most excellent expansion to Heavy Metal Heroes! Play as Lyra or Sirian to amass a collection of killer guitars with awesome buffs, and look out for the most triumphant time travelling duo, Bill & Ted! When things are looking totally bogus, the Wyld Stallions will save the day with rock 'n roll!

Power up along the way with tag-team assists from guitar legend - Joe Satriani, the electric lightbulb - Misha Mansoor, and party hard with Andrew W.K.. Face off against metal master - Michael Amott, disco killer - Wayne Static, and Pit Lord Loki's army of darkness - in running brawls and rapid fire boss battles.

Melt faces with massive combos and become a Heavy Metal Hero!


> "Looks great, has a rockin soundtrack and is horribly addictive" - SFX

> "Genuinely fun and fresh" - Terrorizer

> "Worthy of the rock gods" - GeekLegacy

> "Perfect for getting your adrenaline pumping" - Tapscape

> "A slick and enjoyable distraction" - The Independent

> "SOUNDTRACK IS RAD" - GamesReviews

> "Features a bunch of cool ideas, from the background city that degrades over time, eventually turning into the bowels of hell itself, to the weapon charging and power-up systems, and of course, the fact that the game is based around the most awesome genre of music ever." - Touch Arcade

--- Technical Support ---

This app is designed for iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad 2/Mini. It is currently not recommended for earlier generation devices. If you experience any problems, please email us at game@eternaldescent.com

Exact-Psience's comments:

Looks like a runner game, so... Imps in a bit.
07-15-2013, 09:52 PM
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It's listed under entertainment, not games, just fyi.

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07-15-2013, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Echoseven View Post
It's listed under entertainment, not games, just fyi.
Yeah... But i found it under Games>action on my itunes. Odd.

The description suggests and endless runner type, so im hoping it's a game, and not a toy. Download's halfway through, internet's a bit slower than usual today.
07-15-2013, 10:21 PM
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LOL, download was already done and i was able to play a few runs, maybe around 5, and i had to post imps now... You'll see why below.

Good cel shaded graphics, nice soundtrack, cool characters, and a good city romp that changes mood from a typical night in the city, into a darker setting of it, until you eventually enter hell, but i havent gotten there yet.

Controls... Uppercut with you guitar when tapping the left side of the screen, and a frontal attack on the right. Hold any side, and you pause the running, and charge the attack to make it more powerful.

There seems to be around 5 or 6 types of enemies coming at you, some running to tackle you on the ground, and some fly and swoop down on you, where uppercuts become necessary.

You can knock enemies into other enemies to combo and increase the score further.

Also, BOSS FIGHTS. I've only met 1 boss fight so far, and after my run with him, i had to post here. WHY? The boss was Wayne Static of Static X which is one of my favorite industrial rock bands. Basically, Wayne Static is flying high or low and he throws orbs to attack you. You have to hit the orb back to him with an uppercut if he is high in the air, or with a straight attack if he is flying low. Take him out by wearing down his HP bar, and you can continue on the run.

I dont know which heavy metal icons are going to be bosses other than Wayne Static, but im really amped to find out.

Powerups. All around the place there will be icons that you get to use when you knock demons into them. These icons represent a different rockstar, and they help you out during the run.

Sounds are pretty good, and you get to hear iconic voices of characters used in the game. I can even hear Wayne Static's unique screams while fighting him, but i wasnt paying much attention to the background music to see if it was from Static-X.

There are no upgrades involved in this game, so that means zero grinding necessary.

Also, NO IAPs.

There is a shop button only found at the main menu, which takes you to the comics store if you want to buy the comics Eternal Descent. They didnt even feel like ads at all.

The game seems like a promotion for the comics, and is totally premium.

It is well made, looks good, sounds good, no IAPs, and a hella metal.

And since there arent any upgrade systems involved, it becomes a pick up and get competitive high score chasing game.

The only downside, is that GC leaderboards doesnt seem to be working. If anyone picks the game up, and i suggest you so, let me know if GC works for you.

Im loving this. Wait, that doesnt sound metal at all...

EDIT: Now that i have played a bit more, this game reminds me of a few games, and this game took the best of each one of them:

1. God of Blades - the whole concept, it seems, and especially the knocking back enemies into other enemies. it might also be the one that inspired having bosses in this game.

2. rComplex - this was a pulled game, and one which has a very high potential, but pulled down by its controls. The elements used in Eternal Descent is the GUI, and how scores and other prompts are listed on screen, where they show as huge text on the background, and is one of the sweetest labelling techniques i've seen in a game.

3. Diversion - this is probably where it got its inspiration for the game's isometric view, rather than a flat side view or behind-the-back which is pretty common for the genre.

4. Punch Quest - this is where it got the action oriented combat system, and the uppercut+straight attack buttons. And yes, you can string uppercuts into aerial straights in Eternal Descent as well.

Overall this is a very polished game, with the only flaw being GC it seems, but i cant confirm yet, as the game may not be even out in other regions. As far as tat goes though, i really hope GC works, or gets fixed fast, because they picked the high-score chaser route for this game, and GC becomes a necessity to encourage more replay value.

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07-15-2013, 10:25 PM
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In the screenshots, i notice Satriani and Mansoor as powerups, and the game description states 3 bosses (2 of which are icons): Face off against metal master - Michael Amott, disco killer - Wayne Static, and Pit Lord Loki's army of darkness

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07-15-2013, 11:40 PM
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07-16-2013, 12:18 AM
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Strange to find a new premium runner on ios. I'm not a big runner fan anyway but the freemium grind of most runners is why I haven't been taking the genre seriously lately. I have played several good premium runners without IAP, but again this seems rare for a new release.
07-16-2013, 01:31 AM
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To be honest, i really dig this game, and it'll probably stay a while on my ipad mini, but it needs a bit more to be fantastic.

For a high score chasing endless runner, it seriously needs GC leaderboards to work. Better if it had more than 1 leaderboards, maybe for most kills, or distance travelled or something like that. Take Infinite Warrior for instance. It may seem like a pretty straightforward one-trick pony, but with everything going on with GC, combined with a bit of customization of your avatar, this seemingly one-trick pony becomes a stallion.

It might also need customization options for the main character to make it more interesting, and give the player more reason to play the game. Maybe new guitar designs, new tank tops and other costumes, hairstyles, leathers,, etc.

One thing that i think could make this game stand out, is more play modes. Maybe a Boss Rush mode of sorts, or a sudden death mode where you get killed in one hit, and each one can have their own leaderboards as well.

As it is right now, without GC most of all, it gets tiring a bit fast.

It's a solid game, but it needs more meat to become an easy recommendation.
07-16-2013, 02:08 AM
Game Impressions

07-16-2013, 06:28 AM
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I see you like the game Exact-Psience , imps you posted are great but it's not out yet in my AppStore. Joe Satriani, Andrew W.K. , Misha Mansoor as heroic assists. Wayne Static (Static-X), Michael Amott (Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars) and mysterious final boss: the Dark Lord of the Pit. Also there will be a series of updates and expansions planned throughout the year so we might see alot of others