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App description: Control a fellowship: a noble Knight, an underhanded Rogue, and a mystical Wizard. Each has his own abilities, attacks, and spells which will aid you in your journey in this single player turn based role playing game.

Quest through a lush jungle, a defiled crypt, an infernal wasteland, and frozen barrens. Encounter unkempt kobolds, undead skeletons, mighty orcs, and enchanted golems. Defeat bosses and their lieutenants and minions to gain experience and advance your fellowship.

Forge weapons and armor at the blacksmith to outfit your characters. Choose how your items will enhance your party -- or leave it to chance. The most powerful items are required to complete your adventure in the fantasy world of Eloria.
07-20-2013, 09:11 AM
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Just thought I'd point this out.
It's one of those games you find in the app store thats both rubbish but addictive at the same time.
Worth trying out for free as its actually not a bad turn based game with upgrades and so a weapon crafting system and what you could call "unique" art style I suppose.
Anyway I quite like it. Any purchase of gold removes the ad's too.
04-05-2015, 11:56 AM
Joined: Dec 2012
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I got stuck in the first quest. Basically, the objective was to eliminate all the kobolds on the map, but after doing that, nothing happened. The game continued to prompt you for moves, until you just restarted the quest. This seemed to clear the bug since after defeating the kobolds this time around, it finally said quest completed and moves on to the next quest. Unfortunately, the same thing happened in the third quest. Annoying bug.