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App description: "Alloy Fighter" is a science fiction plane game in 2D.

There are three kinds of fighters for players to choose ,and each of them have their own characteristics.

Each fighter has three bullets forms, as follows:

"Agile" bullets: direct bullet plus tracking missiles, shotgun, laser whip;

"Conventional" bullets: direct bullet, shotgun, direct laser;

"Heavy" bullets: shotgun, direct bullet plus tracking laser, straight laser beam plus tracking missiles.

In addition, each fighter has three skills, each skill can be upgraded up to three, they are:

"Alloy Flank" a small plane on both sides of fighter that can increase some offensive firepower, each level, the bullets from side face will improve some frequency, up to three.

"Alloy Energy" that increases total blood volume range of the fighter, one more level, one more blood cells.

"Alloy Shield" adding a protective shield for the fighter, when get attack, the shield will be first to reduction, each of level protective shield is equivalent to a blood cell, the highest

level is three, equivalent to three cells of blood shield.

There are five chapters, respectively:
"Desert", "ocean", "snow", "City Ruins" and "outer space"
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Anyone get this yet?
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Aaaaaand now it's free...

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now it's free...

YES,now it's free...