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App description: ****AMAZING FUTURISTIC TANK GAME****

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Get ready to prove to your friends who the TRUE Tank Master is with Tank Battles!

Tank Battle lets you unleash fury and pure destruction across 20 fully-rendered 3D worlds in either combat or base capture game play modes, with up to eight tanks battling it out across maps that are approximately a square mile in area! World of Tanks is a completely 3D battlefields tank war game and it is developed for iphone, ipod touch and for ipad. In this world of tanks simulation, player use their own tank to navigate through enemy territory in a game of capture the flag.

There are many enemies that try and destroy you. Challenge people to become the best.



*** 20 levels that get more difficult as you advance ***
*** Play as either the German, Soviet or United States teams ***
*** Utilize the Accelerometer to master the precise aiming control to take out the opposition ***
*** Several different tank models to choose ***
*** Hidden Easter eggs in advanced levels ***
*** Defend your tank from enemy missile attack ***
07-22-2013, 03:45 AM
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Will try this later.
Would love world of tanks on my mobile.
Dunno why it says futuristic tank battles... Because in sceenies, they look like WW2 tanks
07-22-2013, 06:01 PM
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Free for positive reviews?! But you can't post a review till after paid for it
07-22-2013, 06:13 PM
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This IS NOT World of Tanks so do not be fooled!

I'm pretty sure this won't be around too long once Wargaming finds out ...and what's up with the blatant ripoff using the WoT name and logo to be deceitful?

Here is a link to the forum ror the REAL World of Tanks "Blitz" :


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