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iPad: Project "Joan" bloody indie scroll shooter for pixel lovers

07-24-2013, 07:08 AM
Project "Joan" bloody indie scroll shooter for pixel lovers

Update from 2014.02.18

Todays news are:
- a new video and new screens
- new game description and it's key features
- a launch of the Joan Mad Run page on Steam Greenlight
- good news about multi-platform goals
- sad/good news about beta testing

Scroll down for more stuff.


The first gameplay trailer video - 5 new levels, a new boss, new mobs and new guns, yet still w/o shaders:


The main news today is that we decided to launch the game on as many platforms as we will be able to handle - Mac/PC/Linux/iOS/Android. It'll depend on how well the project is funded and voted. So, vote and follow us if you'd like to see the game not just on the iOS.

The sad news is that beta testing iOS builds via TestFlight has recently become impossible for common users, which have no iOS Developer Program account. In order to be able to install anything from TestFlight you'll need first to activate your iOS device using Xcode and the IDP account login. So, we dropped the beta build distribution via TestFlight.

Instead of using TestFlight and because developing the game will probably take at least several more months we will be releasing a free (with no IAP) version of the game with a different main character and a separate new level - hopefully this is a matter of just several weeks.

For some time we were working on a limited Web/Flash version, but, as it turned out, it's far from being playable by now - so, the free prequel on iOS probably comes first.

Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the new content!


New screenshots with added shaders and dynamic light effects:

Joan Mad Run

Click the pic to see the actual pixels.

Joan Mad Run is a pixel-art gory fight-to-the-death run’n’gun, that takes your enemies straight to hell. Literally.

The story begins with Joan waking up from a razor-sharp nightmare, which, ironically, turns out to be reality. Locked up in prison and bearing no memories about her past, she is left one-on-one with her insanity. Led by her inner voice, that craves for blood, and remorseless in the desire to find out the truth about her real self, Joan sets off on her cutthroat escape mission.

Having no one she can trust, Joan, luckily, has her guns, that would leave no chance for anyone or anything in her way. Stimulating in its sheer insanity and unnerving in its out-of-control brutality, the game instantly forces you into Joan’s shoes. And that’s when you get an amazing chance to satisfy your bloodlust by burning your enemies alive, melting them with acid, chopping them and watching their blood spurt like geyser, striking them with lightning, exploding them, squeezing them like bugs or sending them directly to the blazing inferno.

Pure and straight-down-the-line in its skeletal outline, Joan Mad Run is not that simple as it may seem. Being infected with the thrill of madness, you will have to try to keep your head cool, think fast and be hell dexterous if you hope to survive. Deadly traps, grisly bosses and callous scumbags are all here. So grab your gun, bite the bullet and show them who’s boss.

Key Features

* single-player / multi-platform co-op multiplayer
* speedy breakneck gameplay with brutal boss battles and hardcore soundtrack
* dozens of meticulously designed weapons – from shotgun and katana to monomolecular wire and satanic pighead-gun
* exquisite and spectacular death effects: cut, explode, burn, freeze, melt, incinerate, squeeze, send to hell and use even more unique torture methods
* weapon crafting workbench that will allow to create stunning weapon combos
* plethora of atmospheric locations with over 50 callous enemies to test your limits
* dynamic environments with shader-based light and particle effects
* lots of secrets to unveil - secret levels/rooms/corridors, unique items and easter eggs
* procedurally generated levels
* supports many game controllers
* use your mobile phone as a wireless controller over WiFi
* natively stream game video and audio to compatible TVs and media centers over network
* play on desktop and on the go on PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android (progress synced across your computers and devices)
* will support all US/EU/AP major languages (and yours if you help us translate)


Follow us on Facebook to track updates http://www.facebook.com/Happymagenta

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07-24-2013, 07:45 AM
Meet some more weapon designs and effects - upgraded weapons mostly.


An upgraded Imp gun opens a black hole into a dark world and sends it to traverse the level to gather blood and souls:

Super shotgun

10 gauge shotgun shrapnel spreads to a wider area - it's that powerful so it shoots enemies on all level platforms:

AK-47 with submachine grenade launcher

Shot of Odin

An upgraded version of Lighting gun, sends out a lightning ball electrocuting all who is trapped too close:

Acid gun LV

An upgraded Acid gun, deploys a bunch of head-crabs that spit acid and melt everyone on all level platforms:

Microwave gun 22

A wider ray of microwave energy burns across all levels:

Freezer with freezing grenade launcher

Cools down everything in the range of the grenade blast, including the environment:

Plasma sword with bullet deflection

Upgraded plasma sword give you an ability to deflect projectiles, bullets:

Monomolecular net upgrade

Throw monomolecular net and slice everyone in front of you into tiny pieces:

Circular saw C.P.

Throws saw discs after upgrade:



Replaces knife as an upgrade - slices enemies in several pieces:


Shrinks enemies to mice size - step on them to smash:

Golden pistol upgrade

Allows a more rapid rate of fire:


A king of close combat:

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07-27-2013, 03:49 AM
Hi guys, game looks good. Can I put myself forward for beta testing? Cheers.
07-27-2013, 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by anthonyusher87 View Post
Hi guys, game looks good.

Originally Posted by anthonyusher87 View Post
Can I put myself forward for beta testing? Cheers.
Please, send me a message with your email for a TestFlight invite, or an already registered with the TestFlight email address.
07-27-2013, 06:00 PM
Joined: Jun 2013
Posts: 142
Looks fun! Well, the graphics of the game makes me interested, i love these type of pixel games. My email is rhys.mackenzie15@yahoo.ca.
When can we expect a build. Or are you guys not even to beta in development?
07-27-2013, 06:09 PM
Joined: Jun 2011
Posts: 4,100
Looks great I love that the character is getting ready to kickass

Game center:dreadnokv1/ Twitter:@dreadnokv1
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07-27-2013, 08:27 PM
Originally Posted by waffer15 View Post
Looks fun! Well, the graphics of the game makes me interested, i love these type of pixel games. My email is rhys.mackenzie15@yahoo.ca.
When can we expect a build. Or are you guys not even to beta in development?
Right now we have done pretty much:
- most of gfx needed for levels, weapons and mobs (except user interface)
- beta engine with test levels and most of mobs (except level bosses)
- nearly 40% of weapons are programmed with their effects and physics

What is left:
- programming the remaining 60% of weapons and their effects
- extra dynamic lighting
- extra effects on levels, weapons and etc.
- more game balance
- game user interface
- final level design
- final game balance

Right now I play "Joan" more than just daily and I can say, although it's still has things to be done, it's quite hard to give up - sometimes I hang in it for hours

So, we'll be sending early-beta invites soon.

Stay tuned and send me your TestFlight addresses if you want the beta.
07-27-2013, 10:30 PM
Looks great count me in. Sending private message with test flight email.
07-27-2013, 11:56 PM
Joined: Oct 2010
Location: Minneapolis, USA
Posts: 3,654
The pixel art looks fantastic. I hope the rest of development and the beta go well, and can't wait to play this!
07-30-2013, 05:43 AM
I’ve just updated the main post with more content – added an animated avatar that shows Joan health level, weapons, ammo and more - how do you like it?

Thanks all for your opinion

We still have some more spots for beta testers. Thanks to those, who already has sent us their TestFlight emails. Please send me a private message on this forum if you also want to participate.

The beta will be ready for testing in about a week or two.

Next we will be posting some more updates that will show weapons, their effects and what extremely cruel things they do with mobs – then we will start the beta testing.

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