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Baby Nom Nom

07-30-2013, 05:21 PM
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Baby Nom Nom

This is an awesome game, super awesome! I was a beta tester and I think this is coming out on August 1st!

Baby nom nom!


This is a great game, a must buy. He is the dev who made Tabletop racing.

Very highly recommended!

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07-30-2013, 07:32 PM
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Can you say anything more specific about the game, or are you under an NDA or such as a beta tester?
07-30-2013, 08:54 PM
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Nbrucombie is the dev, we are good friends cause I helped him alot with tabletop racing with mp and icade.

He has told me it's ok to speak about the game, it is GREAT!

That is if you like action puzzler type games. If you liked his past game Tabletop Racing, then you are for a treat too with this game.

This game is what I would call an action puzzler. It is a puzzle game, but also is very fast and frantic like an action game.

Basicially this kind of like a get the rice out of the maze by rotating the box round and round by swiping to rotate the box clockwise or counterclockwise.

So the gameplay can get fast and furious cause you have to get that rice out into that plate as fast as possible.

There's a couple of games that are kinda similar to this game, but none with the polish, graphics, and cuteness out there. I will go look for a video to attach to this, I talked about this awhile back somewhere else. Also the dev should be here soon, I emailed him yesterday and let him know about this thread, though the main thread should be coming really soon.

Found the video

Youtube link | Pop Up

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07-30-2013, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by AnarKitty View Post
Can you say anything more specific about the game, or are you under an NDA or such as a beta tester?
A thread is up with the download link but it won't be live until the 1st across the world.
I'm sure it'll be merged tomorrow with the release thread at some stage.
Nb has posted a lot of details there (linked below).
Plus he outlined the charity it supports which is a big plus and a very worthwhile cause. And most certainly a noteworthy reason on its own to support it.

Beyond that though, the game is easily worth downloading. It is extremely well polished and the level of excellence from the dev team should be very apparent from the quality of it.

Puzzle games are not normally my cup of tea but the hand drawn artwork is excellent on its own nevermind the very well planned out difficulty curve and thought process that has to go in to get 100%/3 stars.

It is well worth the challenge as you progress in the puzzles. It certainly does not get easier which is the whole point really.

Between the excellent artwork, super smooth buttery framerate (they excel particularly well in this area), very well thought out puzzles that ease you in but have a very steady difficulty curve that becomes very challenging to achieve the three star/100%. And after a while, trust me, 100% won't be easy but you will chase it like mad. Its very addictive.
The puzzles are very unique from my perspective also, yet very intuitive on a touchscreen device.

And I should say it again, its not my usual type of game at all but it is increasingly more difficult to put down.
An easy recommendation.


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