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App description: Be rich! Be ruthless!
Are you man enough to be an OilMan?

OilMan is a unique social game which lets you experience both upstream (exploration, drilling, construction) and downstream (refining, pipe-building and sales) sides of the real-world petroleum business. You'll visit 8 different oil fields around the world, explore the grounds, build oil rigs and supply petroleum to the whole world.

- Explore to find amazing fortune!
You will travel to the 8 biggest oil fields in the world and explore the grounds to find the hidden crude oil. You could be the one to find the biggest oil lode in history. Now is the moment to test your fortune!

- Build, manage, and expand!
You will build oil rigs and build refineries. To grow your fortune, you must upgrade and expand the facilities. You must also protect your fortune from fire and other catastrophes. Are you ready to take on the adventure?

- Secret contracts and monopoly!
Supply energy and amass enormous wealth. Appoint real world friends (via Facebook) as mayors of each city to increase profits. Compete with oil men all over the world to monopolize the market.


- iPod Touch 4th Generation is not supported

Tiger Kim's comments:
We're a project team that gathered to make a new type of game for iOS. It has just been released and we'd like to share some info with you guys. Take a look at below teaser video.

* Game name
: OilMan - Seekers of Black Gold

It's free-to-play game and kind of simulation game and farming game combined. It should be worth a try. Hope you like it!

Also on our website, we're doing an event of giving-away original hand-painted portrait of Johnny Dick Rockwell, the main character of OilMan.

* Webpage

08-19-2013, 05:28 AM
Joined: Mar 2010
Location: England
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I was really enjoying this game. It's a fun little 'builder' type game where you need to build up your oil empire across the world. The IAP seems fairly balanced, the game seems polished and build times are not over the top.

But then it happened!!! The unacheivable missions that means I can't progress them any further and their is no way to skip. One of them involves Facebook - no thanks dev. All my iOS gaming friends have Game Center so why not use that? The other mission is for my collective to be number 1?? How can I influence that in any way? All new players obviously join the collective that has been number 1 since day one (and by the score must be full of the BETA testers).

Devs, if you're reading this, please fix this! Or at least let me skip them as it is ruining an otherwise pretty good game.