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App description: Are you a fan of classic puzzle games, such as Tetris®, Bejeweled®, or Dr. Mario®?

Tetroon is the next evolution in puzzle games. Take to the skies with your fleets of tetroons (science balloons), where you will maneuver your fleets to complete the objectives for the selected game mode.

Tetroon is currently available with two game modes: Marathon and Countdown.

In Marathon mode, endless fleets of tetroons are yours to command. Maneuver your fleets with the goal of completing rows of tetroons, earning you points. The more rows completed, the higher the score. And, as the game advances, so do both the difficulty and the scores. Boasting of 26 unique fleet formations, the challenges are unlike any you have ever seen before!

In Countdown mode, you experience all the same great gameplay as in Marathon, but with the ultimate goal of completing a fixed number of lines. As an added challenge, you can choose a starting height in combination with a level, earning an additional score multiplier for each line completed.

Good Luck!
08-06-2013, 04:48 PM
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Nice find, MC!

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