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Help me save my game, Fantasy Trader - Wall Street Simulation Game

08-08-2013, 05:01 AM
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Help me save my game, Fantasy Trader - Wall Street Simulation Game

Fantasy Trader is a stock trader game that lets you trade your very own stocks and shares in a virtual stock market.


Fantasy Trader is an upcoming game blending the Fantasy RPG, Trading and Tycoons genres. Players will be able to explore, take on goals, buy and sell commodities and businesses, and build a trading empire from the profits. Imagine Second-Life, Mafia Wars, with a much larger role-playing element, and you can get something of the feel!

Here are some of the planned features for Fantasy Trader:

* Classic MMORPG, including character classes, building your own empire, achievements, short term and long term goals

* Multiple exchanges where player can speculate their stocks

* Economic system based on supply and demand

What is an Stock Exchange?
Think of Stock Exchange as a place that allows people to buy and sell things. In the case of stock market, an exchange allows you to buy and sell securities. Securities, more commonly known as stocks and bonds, are traded every day, all over the world with the goal of making money. In this case, its stocks and bonds in Brad Pitt and even yourself rather than precious metals or Chinese currency.

What are Fantasy Dollars?
Fantasy Dollars are the official currency of the Fantasy Trader. When you join the Fantasy Stock Exchange, you are given Fantasy dollars to trade in the stock exchange. Your job is to use the money to the best of the best of your abilities on the Exchange and profit from it. There can be hundreds of traders on FT that have taken their initial stake and turned them into a billion Fantasy Dollars! If you play your dollars wisely, you too can become the next guru.

What factors make the stock prices go up or down?
* Market Forces: As stocks are bought and sold, the stock price will react accordingly. For example, if a number of people are buying shares in a celebrity, their stock will go up. The same holds true for people selling shares.
* Market Maker: An algorithmic bot that quotes both a buy and sell price held in inventory, hoping to match trades between users.

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08-08-2013, 05:11 AM
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Oh nice, its like that 'Celebdaq' that the BBC used to have on their site.

Good luck with it.

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08-08-2013, 05:49 AM
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Nah, not exactly like Celebdaq.
In Fantasy Trader you can have your own stock name next to Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence and many more...