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App description: All alone on the battlefield. Facing endless enemies. Armed with just a pistol. Wait- you see green. A friend. With a big shotgun. You run to him and he follows you, blasting away. Look, a rocket launcher. Is that a flamethrower? They dont stand a chance.

Start as cannon fodder (not even first class) and a pistol and work your way up to Commander. Add loyal and heavily armed troopers to your squad who will follow you to the ends of the screen and help you survive. Upgrade them and yourself to build an unstoppable fighting force! Rank up to unlock all 9! Kill enemies quickly to earn awesome killstreaks like air strikes, double score, and even a friendly juggernaut! Earn over 80 medals on your way to Commander and challenge yourself with over 18 elite operations. Compare yourself to other aspiring heroes with worldwide leaderboards and see how the best players operate with Everyplay replays!

Action! Lead a squad snake-like through endless waves for fast and furious shooting fun!
Become a war hero! Start with nothing (ok, a starter pistol) and rank up to earn new soldiers and exciting upgrades!
9 unique soldiers! Play with assault and shotgun soldiers, snipers, RPGs, minigunners, demolition experts, supporters, and medics
Simple! Just move- you shoot automatically. Dodge slow bullets in spectacular fashion and short waves are perfect for pick up and play!
Killstreaks: Get rewarded with powerful boosts for killing enemies quickly!
18 Elite Operations: Special challenges to beat- earn gold on all 18!
Radios: Charge up and call in help! Get more soldiers or shields to survive longer
Become a decorated war hero: over 84 unique medals to earn
Replays! Destroy 30 tanks? Make sure everyone know it with Everyplay- and learn new strategies and get sneak peeks of locked weapons!

What are you waiting for? Join the snake, future commander!
08-13-2013, 06:37 AM
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I wish people who rate game threads 1 star etc would tell us why ! Just would help not only the dev but also people who may be on the fence.
08-13-2013, 07:36 AM
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Originally Posted by psj3809 View Post
I wish people who rate game threads 1 star etc would tell us why ! Just would help not only the dev but also people who may be on the fence.
True, also I would like to know who rates Street Karate Fighter Online 5 stars that game is horrendous
08-13-2013, 12:18 PM
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Kind of seems like a variation of call of snakes but with more doodle style graphics and gameplay looking a bit like a tower defense game where enemies come in waves.

I'm not taking one for the team on this, I'm tapped out anyway after buying League of Evil 3 and Delta-V Racing this morning. But if it turns out to be well loved then I may consider it. It, already, seems to have more to it than Nimble Quest had... though that's not saying much.

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