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App description: Discover the world of Murim!
The world of Murim is changing. Evil clans are trying to conquer the land with dark forces and powers, but there is still hope. You must become the ultimate warrior and lead the people of Murim to freedom.
Join a clan and train your battle skills, or found your own and defeat rival groups, the choice is yours. You can use ancient weapons with mysterious powers, or work with other clan members to become the mightiest clan in Murim!
Murim Wars is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game. The primary game feature of Murim Wars is a new and ground-breaking clan battle system, where you can either be a regular clan foot soldier, or take over the leadership and become the boss. In order to become the clan leader, you must gather contribution points, which determine your rank, powers and special techniques.

- Massively Multiplayer ONLINE War Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!
- Innovative clan system with numerous battle features
- Fight your enemies LIVE
- Replace the leader of a clan by gathering Contribution Points
- Attack and defend yourself from rival groups worldwide
- Invite friends to your clan to strengthen it
- Perform countless thrilling missions
- Level up until you are reborn as a legendary warrior
- Stunning graphics and sounds
- Chat with other players all over the world
08-13-2013, 10:06 PM
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