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App description: You are the Sentinel, a mysterious creation capable of unleashing epic power on the mythical land of Ursha. Can you command your heroic armies to victory and tame the land of magic and beasts?

Prepare for a truly heart-pumping and astounding battlefield experience! If you always wanted to send huge armies against herds of killer bunnies accompanied by massive fire breathing dragons, this is the game to play!

# Featured by Apple as top #100 Strategy Games!

# Featured by Apple on "What's Hot"!

- An awesome mix of Real-time Strategy and Fantasy World Building!

- In game Physics Engine that allows you to pit TONS of troops against Giant Beasts! Watch archers get FLUNG into the air by a vicious Troll's powerful swing of the club!

- Summon a wide variety of troops to fight for your cause. These include: Ninjas, Shaolin Monks, Mages and Mechanized Flying Bombers!

- Assemble your ultimate army to face the mythical beasts of the land!

- Engage in MASSIVE Boss Battles on a scale never seen before! Fight Dragons, Trolls, Griffins, Dinosaurs, Phoenixes and other mythical beasts!

- Learn to cast powerful spells that enhance and redirect your attacks! Harness the power of Fire, Poison, Wind, Magic and more!

- Build powerful structures in your city to host your army!

- Grow your city from a hamlet to a metropolis!

- Record and share your most amazing battles with friends!

kestrelmoon's comments:
Hello Touch Arcade Gamers!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new game, Sentinel Tales!
This is a very unique action-oriented real-time 2D strategy game for the iPad.

Fight Giant Trolls, watch your archers get torched by Mythical Dragons,
gasp as foot soldiers are carried into the heavens by Large Griffins!

There are many Action Strategy games out there on the IOS app store but we believe
this might be the first one where battles between creatures and allied troops
take place at such a massive scale!



Here is a quick FAQ about the game.

Q. What is it?

A. Sentinel Tales takes place in the mythical land of Ursha. You play the Sentinel, a powerful creation capable of unleashing magic onto the land. Summon a wide variety of units like swordsmen, archers, ninjas and more to aid you in your quest in taming the beasts of the world!

Q. Did you say Beasts?

A. Yes! We said beasts! The core gameplay involves fighting different mythical creatures both large and small using your wit, your squad of summoned units and your magical powers.

Q. What kind of Beasts are we talking about here?

A. Anything from small killer rabbits (yes killer bunnies roam the land! ) to giant poison flame lobbing dragons!

Q. I assume this means lots of Boss Battles?

A. Absolutely. In fact the emphasis on this game is TONS of boss battles. We are talking about giant bosses like Trolls that will literally FLING your troops into mid air, Griffins that will fly down and pick up any hapless archer into the skies and hordes of leaping Velociraptors!

Q. Sounds crazy. What kinds of troops can I summon to the battlefield?

A. Fighting giant creatures require a lethal arsenal. We have levitation mages that LIFT enemies into the sky so that you can use your archers to shoot them down! There are Shaolin Monks that specialize in doing mass area damage to groups of enemies. You can even call in mechanical Flapping Bombers to carpet bomb from above.

Q. Does this mean lots of troops battling LARGE Creatures?

A. Indeed. This is the scenario we were envisioning when we wrote this game. A large squad/army of troops thrown against some giant beast. Creatures, bodies getting flung into the sky, exploding, torn apart, tons of destruction!

Q. Tons of Destruction? Bodies torn apart?

A. Almost every creature in this game and your troops will disintegrate in different ways based on the physics engine. Hopefully it will be quite a sight for the player!

Want to learn more? Here is an in depth gameplay of Sentinel Tales:

Please check out the game and let us know what you think! We are very excited since this is the very first game we have written. It was created by a super tiny crew of 1.5 human beings.

Once again, thanks for reading this announcement. Please try out the game and review it if you have the time! Any form of feedback will be very valuable to us in refining this game.
08-23-2013, 09:47 AM
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We are also running a contest for the game.
Check it out here:

08-23-2013, 12:46 PM
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Tried it out... the first bounty mission I got was with some Owl boss. The action was crazy intense!
08-23-2013, 09:18 PM
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Hey gamers,
This is a 1.5 person effort of a game. We would love to hear any feedback from the experienced gamers in this forum. Given that this is our very first game, we are sure there are things we aren't doing quite right with it and would love to hear your thoughts.
It's a free game(with IAP) but there is no need to purchase anything in it to actually have fun. Boss battles are available at the lowest levels of the game through the "Daily Bounties" feature so one does not have to pay anything to experience something exciting. Again we would love to hear some thoughts/feedback in order to improve the title. We are also working on more enhancements for future titles that will incorporate the current gameplay, expand on it(story, world exploration) and hopefully make it even more appealing to the gamer audience.
08-25-2013, 12:37 PM
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A few screenshots from the game:

Giant Spiders flinging your armies into the night sky!

Character abilities screen

Attack of the Griffins!

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09-14-2013, 05:55 PM
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A new update is now out!

- Strategy Planning Feature added during Battle! Allows you to "freeze" the battle and direct where your troops should attack on the battlefield. Troops are selected by drawing a lasso around them using touch input.

- Troops can now be ordered to do the following: Free Attack, Hold Ground(Defensive), Attack Target!

- Advanced IK (Inverse Kinematics) Animation Technology integrated into the game's Physics Engine. Characters that walk/run now have updated limb animation cycles that look both realistic and fluid.

- Better art images for Wolf and Troll characters

- Improved creature and character loading performance

- Size and Memory optimization