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Elf Priestess of the Valley of the Snow (DC)

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Greatsands 2 40.00%
Cloudpass 1 20.00%
Marshwood 3 60.00%
Silverkeep 2 40.00%
Breewich 2 40.00%
Gardbridge 2 40.00%
Tarnwood 2 40.00%
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07-27-2009, 01:09 PM
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Elf Priestess of the Valley of the Snow (DC)

There are 2 things but to avoid making 2 threads, I'll just discuss them both here.

Below are the skills and spells for the Elf Priestess hero. Let me know if I can get your approval for this. Everything may change again. We still need to do lot of testing to make sure it's balanced. But these are what we have so far. If you see any potential issue, let me know.

1. Sorcery
Cost to upgrade: 1 SP
Increases attack rating of projectile spell.
Increases arcane armor (absorb damage by percentage).

2. Meditation
Cost to upgrade: 2 SP
Increases maximum mana.
Allow casting high level magic that requires lot of mana.

3. Power
Cost to upgrade: 2 SP
Increases spell effectiveness (damage, duration, etc).

4. Infantry Commander
Cost to upgrade: 2 SP
Increases hp, attack rating, and hp recovery.

5. Bowmen Commander
Cost to upgrade: 4 SP
Increases attack rating.

6. Mage Commander
Cost to upgrade: 1 SP
Increases attack rating and radius.
For every 10 levels, allow upgrading a level 5 mage guild to level 6 (host 2 mages).

1. Supreme Archmage: boost attack rating and radius of the archmage for a duration.
2. Blizzard: huge damage to all units on the map (friends and enemies).
3. Time Portal: the 3 front most enemies will travel back in time.

Second, we want to know which existing map is your favorite. And if you can provide some detail, that will help too.

We are trying to get some feedback of what make a map ideal. I understand that everyone will have different opinion on this; but collectively, I'm sure there will be some features that are commonly preferred. I'm referring to things such as map size, number of enemies, number of bosses, number of waves, difficulty, and so on.

We'll use the feedback to improve design for future maps, starting with Helegom. Thanks for those who help.

07-27-2009, 01:42 PM
so the hero can use spells? could we do that with the 1.2 update? no right?
07-27-2009, 01:55 PM
Favorite? I'd have to say silverkeep because that was the hardest map to beat for me. And it just looks cooler than the others to me. xD And love the new hero, the skill distribution looks fine to me.

Plus+: Alvino
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07-27-2009, 04:32 PM
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I'm not sure I like the spells. When using the Elf Priestess hero, can we have more than one archmage on the board? Will it cost the same gold to raise a mage guild to archmage as it does for the current hero? Are the spells good for only a certain set amount of time or for the duration of the map or what?

For spell #1:
If we can only have one archmage and it is still going to be just as expensive to create one, then Supreme Archmage as a spell is really not worthwhile if it can affect just the one guild. If the spell helps, maybe to a lesser extent, all regular mage guilds at the same time, then it might be okay.

For spell #2:
I think blizzard should slow all enemies on the board and reduce their walking speed, versus causing damage to both friendly and undfriendly units. I really don't like the idea of "friendly fire". When the Elf Priestess casts Blizzard, have it do damage commensurate with the hero's power level so at early levels it slows, and at higher levels it will also do damage to all enemy units.

Spell 3:
Doesn't really excite me. I can see it being useful tactically, but just doesn't excite me.

Other spell ideas:
Icestorm - targets flying units causing them to slow, potentially stop in mid air, or having them lost flight depending on power level and fall (and then taking falling damage).
Icewall - hero casts a spell at a point the user specifies, and a crystalline ice wall appears. Enemies will attack the wall and cannot pass until they have gone through the wall's hit points.
Crystal Prison - hero's spell encases units in ice for a time duration, then will not move, cannot attack or be attacked.
Summon yeti or other appropriate monster type - hero summons a snow/ice themed monster that begins walking down to meet enemy units, it will fight with them until its hit points are used up

As for favorite map, I just ask that they include strategic points we can take advantage of and have plenty of eye candy for us to look at.