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user, i tweet about iphone games, coffee, tech, photography and other general crap
02-25-2009, 05:12 PM
TWITTER: TrappMedia

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Updated 2-25-09 :3:20pm EST:
Updated 1-8-09 :8:22am EST:
updated per request, fixed the non linked ones,
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Whoa didn't know that many people on TouchAcade use twitter! Will follow some of you guys

Tweet me and follow me!
Check my blog out-HERE for reviews.Want your app reviewed? Send requests to
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We have one too:

Just registered, so no news yet

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We have one too:

Just registered, so new news yet
#2! I joined Twitter to get a Jabeh promo code (didn't ) a few weeks ago and just discovered it today. With family in three countries, this is going to be an awesome way to communicate! (with our posts being private). And just realized how awesome it is for following news and updates about anything and everything!
03-03-2009, 09:00 AM
You can find me at

Eric Pankoke
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Thanks for the list -- I just added a bunch of people. My link is in my signature.
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Twitter link for RO

Duael Designs LLC has a twitter page for their iPhone game, RO.
03-03-2009, 11:11 AM
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Added Jonas as well.
(my Twitter is - they're protected because I'm studying to become an elementary school teacher and I don't need everyone to read everything. But feel free to request a follow, there are some iPod Touch related tweets in there, mainly me doubting about which games to pick up. )

Have you used the app store educational apps? They have A LOT of great stuff. I am studying for my GED and I had no idea that itunes could help me with all the math apps they have.

I will request a follow from you when I'm on twitter today