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iPad: iSlice Candy - 5th September

08-31-2013, 01:35 PM
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iSlice Candy - 5th September

iTunes Download Link (Will work on 5th September)


Website for more information



Do you like to slice things up? Get iSlice Candy for iphone/ipad and slice all the candy you want. Although the game is easy to play, but it is quite difficult to master. Releasing on 5th September 2013 on the App Store for both the iPhone and iPad for free.

The game starts with 3 lives; a player would loose a life if he accidentally slices a bomb or he misses to slice a candy. The regular candies have one point and the extra and bonus candies have various points. Many extra features, like bonus candies, extra candies, special backgrounds/blades, screen explode button, bomb diffuser, etc. can be activated by using coins collected by playing the game or purchased using in app purchase.


- Many different candies to slice
- Additional Bonus and Extra candies (activated by IAP)
- Survival Mode- Play as long as you want
- Time Mode- Play for a minute and score as much as you can
- No Bombs- Only Candies, no bombs or chilies
- Crazy Mode- All candies, bombs plus on a moving background, a very difficult mode to play
- Game Center Integration
- Power candies:
o Freeze Screen Effect
o Clear Screen
o Unlimited Slice- Player can slice a single candy for 4 seconds
o Candy Wave- Many candies coming to screen together, so player can score many points
o Fast Motion- Makes the candies come at a faster speed making it difficult to play
o Bombs- Takes one life out of three
o Life Candy- Adds one life

o Survival Mode
• This is where there is no time limitation and players can play as long as they survive. From time to time bombs and fast motion candies will appear along with regular point and bonus point candies. Power up candies will also come at random intervals, making each game play unique.
o Time Mode
• In this mode players get to play for one minute only and score as much points as they can. More points can be collected by doing combos and unlocking bonus point candies. An additional 10 seconds more playing can be unlocked through in app purchase to score even more.
o Crazy Mode
• This is the most difficult mode in the game, where, along with flying candies from everywhere, the background is also scrolling. No time limit, so players can play as long as they want, but we doubt if it would be for long as this mode gets very challenging as the speed keeps on increasing.
o Bomb Free Mode
• As the name suggests, in this mode there are no bombs. Don’t get too happy yet, as although there are no bombs, candies are coming at much higher speeds and there are more chilies (fast motion candy). This mode will actually test how fast your fingers can swipe on screen.

- Candy Descriptions
o Bomb - Nothing to explain here, this is the bomb. Do NOT slice it, otherwise you will loose one of the three lives that you start the game with.
o Chili – This is the fast motion candy, so if you slice this one, the candies will be coming at insane speeds for the next couple of seconds.
o Candy Wave – Upon slicing, the screen will be filled with regular and bonus candies and the player will have a chance to quickly earn some points.
o Double Points – If the player can slice this one, for up to seven seconds, all candies would earn double of their original points.
o Freeze – This candy will slow everything down on screen for a couple of seconds, so the player can relax for a little bit in this fast paced game.
o Unlimited Slice – Slice this candy as many times and as fast as you can for a few seconds to earn more points. This candy is pretty rare so don’t miss it.
o Coin Sack – Upon slicing this candy, 10 coins would be added to the players account. By accumulating them, many store items can be unlocked.
o Life Candy – This will add a life to the player and offer a chance a play a little bit longer and earn some more points, but note, maximum life is 3.
o Clear Screen – This candy will clear everything on screen the moment it is sliced, including bombs; just hope that it comes when needed most.
- In App Purchase & Game Center
o Bomb Diffuser
o Clear Screen
o Extra Time for time mode
o Bonus Candy
o New Candy Unlock
o Background Unlock
o Blade Unlock

- Power Ups
o Bomb Diffuser
• Players can buy bomb diffusers to make themselves immune from bombs. These can be bought in packs of 3, 6 or 9 and maximum 3 can be used per game.
o Clear Screen
• This is activated by the red button on the bottom of the screen; by pressing this, all items on screen will explode; no restrictions on usage.
o Extra Time
• By default, the player can play for only 1 minute in time mode, but by buying extra time, the gameplay can be extended for 10 more seconds.
o Bonus Candy
• These are special candies with 5 points each and can be unlocked by IAP; by using these, players can score much higher points.
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A fruit Ninja clone? I don't like it...

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