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App description: The ever engaging classic 2D car race game straight from your video game console to your mobile.Now with rich graphics and intuitive game play.Your gas paddles are locked,rush through the traffic avoiding collision to save time and score more.You loved it on Facebook, you'll love it even more on your own device.
Happy Nostalgia....

* Game Center
* Simple and engaging game play.
* No complex levels.
* Clean interface.
* Swipe control.
* Awesome sound effects.
* 100+ Levels

cos2v's comments:
Traveling in times,this game will take you back to good old 90's era of console gaming.All that on your iPhone.Get Nostalgic.

09-01-2013, 06:21 PM
Joined: Oct 2012
Location: AL
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Eh, it's kind of weak sauce. First, the dashes should be between lanes not down the center of the lane. Second, I played games in the 90's and even stuff on NES was more complex than this. There's no real variety in the game either. It doesn't get easier or hard the more you play. I think I could go forever if I really cared. On the plus side there is a leaderboard. On the minus there are ads and sometimes they overlap one another making it hard to get rid of them.