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Aim for World Domination!
DMM launches the new game "Valkyries of Three Kingdoms" featuring Lady Generals based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms set in medieval China!
Create and train your own troop of beautiful Generals and aim for World Domination with the strongest volunteer army in the world!
*World Domination War takes place every week
*With a battle viewing system to allow for full member participation
*Use of the Chat system to share battle field details
*Registration / Basic Play is free-of-charge

**World Domination War
-War opens every Sunday
Overcome intensive battles with the best of the best for a chance to test your limits in the World Domination War!

-Engage in a three-way war with the armies of the Wei, Wu and Shu Dynasties.
Design powerful formations with your beautiful lady Generals and carve a name for yourself in the Three Kingdom history!

-All member participation War Viewing system
The World Domination War can be viewed live.
Root for your kingdom's representatives and lead them to victory!

**Battle tryouts
-Battle tryouts are held 4 times daily.
Form volunteer armies with players from your country to challenge the battle tryouts.
Overcome the best in the battle tryouts and become the strongest in your country!

-Level up with battle points
Level up your volunteer army troops and unlock useful battle government posts (formations).
Fully manipulate powerful formations and crush enemy troops!

-Share information with the real-time chat system
Engage in real-time live chat with battle allies in the same country.
Share important information and aim for victory together!

**Evolution x Enhancement to super power up your Generals!
Same type cards allow for a 3 stage evolution and watch as the cards become more and more gorgeous!
Enhance your Generals with special items found in the game!
Lead your powered up Generals to head the volunteer troops and grasp victory on the battle field!

**Experience the grandeur of the battle field with specially created sounds
Experience for yourself the colorful BGM created to match the numerous scenes in the game!
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