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subscription notification badges

09-04-2013, 12:25 AM
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forum behaviors in iOS app

I subscribe to a thread, I'd like to see a count of new messages among them just like news stories or my watch list. How come it doesn't do that? <:-/ I waste 2 taps to see if there's new posts (4, by the time I'm back to the home"page").

If I view something from my Watch List, drop it from my News badge, please. Vice versa: I just viewed a story in News which happens to have been also on my Watch List, but the Watch List badge forces me to view it again before it goes away, this time requiring a full tap through to the story *rolling eyes* at least with News you just have to scroll to it...

I go to a forum, browse a few successive pages, then the back "tag" button in the upper-left makes me hit it for every page I viewed, a million or however many times it is, before I get my app back so I can do anything besides sit there hammering the back button to escape the forum! Surely the jump-to field has enough lateral margin for mini-nav buttons beyond the existing RR/R F/FF so that the app's upper-left button can scope to above/before the forum!

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