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App description: Legend entails of a mystical ninja called Catgirl Myo - in this exciting game, you can play as Myo on her most challenging mission yet: escaping from an ancient village in the heart of Japan protected by evil Crow Ninjas!

This wild and addictive game will leave you on the edge of your seat as you slyly slip past obstacles with impossible precision - are you a true ninja or will you struggle under the heat? Catgirl Shinobi Escape is only for the brave and the daring: time your jumps to perfectly zoom through deadly ninja traps that could determine your fate.

Run endlessly through ancient Japan, using Myos unique skills to flip, slide and backtrack to avoid dangerous traps set by the perilous Crow Ninjas. In twilight, you must escape the village, running as far as you can!

Jump over spinning blades, zoom through sharp guillotines, avoid deadly lightning traps and more - Catgirl Shinobi Escape is a game of surprises - will you be caught?

The game is easy to learn yet hard to master: tap and release to jump, but remember: the longer you hold, the higher you will jump! Swipe right to slide forward and swipe left to roll back! Swipe to dash any direction in the air. You can even dash twice! See how far you can go and challenge your friends to beat your high score!

Collect the precious Shuriken and use them to customize Myos outfit! You can also pick-up mystical orbs to give you a unique power including Ninja Dash, Invisibility, Slo-Mo and much more!

Will you become the ultimate ninja? Download Catgirl Shinobi Escape today and find out!

- FAST-PACED: Catgirl Shinobi Escape requires finger-dexterity, speed and accuracy!
- ADDICTIVE: Stay entertained for hours on end in this endless game of surprises!
- CHALLENGING: Avoid dangerous obstacles and escape the formidable Crow Ninjas!
- SOCIAL: Unlock all of the achievements and climb the global leader board!
- UNLOCK AND COLLECT: Unlock new outfits for Myo, mix and match!

Check out the Youtube Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGTxOp56xAc

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We worked really hard on this, would love some comments or feedback!
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What does catgirl have to do with shinobi?