Adventure To Fate - A Quest To The Core (A Dungeon RPG)

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Adventure To Fate - A Quest To The Core (A Dungeon RPG)

Note: I will keep this thread as an archive but for new info on the release version of the game checkout the live ta thread.

This is a development journal for my unnamed, upcoming iphone/ipad game.

This will be my first game produced on the ios (iphone/ipad) platform. I have worked on quite a few mud rpgs as a content developer but never a programmer so I plan to use this as a learning experience.

About: The game will be a dungeon/rogue like rpg with influence from many games from my past as well as some current ios games.

Scope: I will start building this game as a simple turn based arena rpg (your character vs enemies). This game will now include exploration of a dungeon. Your challenge is to reach the bottom... if there is one... (jk there is one )

I am looking to build 25-50 floors depending on how complex I design each one. Some floors will contain challenges / puzzles. Floors might be as simple as killing the boss at the end to get a key or as hard as navigating traps in the dark while encountering tedious random encounters.

Out of Scope: If time allows I will still give the user the ability to edit/create content such as items, npcs and skills/spells. I am now unsure of the extent of this during release time but there will be some amount available. this will still happen in updates.

I will be updating this blog/post with images and videos of game play as I complete them. This project has become my main focus and I am working on it full-time. I am striving hard to have this released on the app store by xmas shutdown.

The full progress journal will be posted on my website:

Here is an updated video of where I am at with development at the moment. (3-27-14)

Screens for those who cant or dont want to view the video!

Battle Screen (Updated 3-16-14)

World View (Updated 3-16-14)

Item Color System (Updated 4-9-14)

Character Creation System (Updated 4-9-14)

Feel free to post questions or suggestions!!!

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09-12-2013, 03:35 AM
Just finished touching up character creation. Here is a screen of how its looking so far. Keep in mind this is an early prototype and I will be tinkering here and there pretty much nonstop.

(Updated 3-16-14)

Edit: Here is a short video of the full character creation process (keep in mind still a work in progress)

(not sure how to upload videos and too out of it to figure it out tonight will try to post a direct video tomorrow).

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I enjoyed Dungeon Maker 2 a lot, so i hope this becomes a new fix for making dungeons and clearing them.
09-13-2013, 11:51 AM
Very cool. Kind of reminds me of how iBlast Moki 2 had that simple level sharing function. If it works that well, this will be fun to share levels with people.
09-16-2013, 04:23 AM
Originally Posted by PartTimeEvil View Post
Very cool. Kind of reminds me of how iBlast Moki 2 had that simple level sharing function. If it works that well, this will be fun to share levels with people.
Thanks for the interest and yes it should be very cool!

My first goal is to build content for say the first 10-20 levels (includes npcs, skills/spells, items, etc..). This way even if the user chooses not to use the "build your own content" system there will still be a pretty full game for them.

Once I have completed the first task I will polish up the build your own content system so it is user friendly. It is going to be quite the challenge to allow users to build their own npcs, skills and items without totally balancing the game. Although there will be no restrictions on how you build things I will try to guide the user to balance things.

For example say you want to create a level 5 npc monster. You will put in the level for the monster and it will auto fill stats (gold, exp, attributes, etc). You can still change all these stats but there will be some guidance if you want it.

Once I have the first two tasks accomplished I will work on creating a sharing center. I envision the sharing center as a place where you can upload/download items, npcs, skills, etc from the community. This last part is a ways off and there is a chance the game will be initially released without this feature but this is the endgame goal.

Just a heads up that I have been updating the progress jounal on my website. I will be posting daily updates on there and weekly content summaries on here.

The full progress journal will be posted on my website:

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09-16-2013, 05:17 AM
Sounds like a cool idea to me!
09-21-2013, 04:07 AM
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Wanna bump this because this is a really cool idea, any idea for a release date?
09-21-2013, 03:21 PM
@JCho133 Thanks for the support hopefully it turns out great.

@elisemelco seems cool I will be checking that out once I get closer to completion.

Originally Posted by Rafy211 View Post
Wanna bump this because this is a really cool idea, any idea for a release date?
Thanks for the support and interest! Still no idea on the release date but I am working at it every day. I am a one man team so things will take longer for me. I will try to give you a rundown of what I have completed as well as what I what I still need to finish.

Database (Account > (characters (inventory, spell book), npcs, skills, items, rooms))
Creation pages for characters, npcs, skills, items. (The players and I can create and edit any npc, skill or item.) (still needs polished for user interaction)
Shop and inventory are fully functional. You can buy/sell equip/unequip use, drop etc...
Combat page / training arena page. You can select and summon any monster from the database as well as attack using certain spells/skills (physical, magic, healing).
All art is complete as well

Still Working on:
User interface (right now its just functional but looks horrible haha.
Buff and debuff skills as well as polishing effects
Room/movement system
Gaining or buying skills (not sure what I am going to go with)
More interface work!!!
Content development. (while I will allow the user to create content I want to give them a good base so its still a fun game even if the user does not create their own content.)

So thats a rough idea of what I got ahead of me I would like to think I am over halfway complete (its taken me about a month to get to this stage). The only problem is I keep running into feature creep so we will see. Once I have all the code completed and just content creation is left things should go pretty fast.

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09-22-2013, 05:11 AM
Implemented a few more features such as stamina, resistance and dodge. Polished up the attack effects as well as some of the timers displaying the progress bars and whatnot.
added a 2 more quick slots and converted the hard coded "attack" action to a skill so you can move it around on the quick bar if needed.

Here is a little video of the update changes. Video shows most stuff working such as character creation, shop, inventory and battle screen. Keep in mind this is not anywhere close to the final design but just a place holder until I finish the code side.

Edited out video (check the site archive)

Also updated the webpage blog with some more details.

The full progress journal will be posted on my website:

Feel free to ask any questions or post comments thanks!

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I really like the look of the game and it seems cool. Keep up the great work!