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iphone/IPT = BEST gaming handheld!

07-29-2009, 01:30 PM
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iphone/IPT = BEST gaming handheld!

Honestly 'm having sooo much more FUN with my iphone as a gaming device then i ever had with my Gameboy, DS or PSP. I didn't expect that I would, but here's a few reasons why I think its taken over as the only handheld device i even care about anymore.

1) I love seeing small developers unleash their creativity:
Yes, there's a ton of garbage games, but the ones that shine - really shine. There are so many games that are a ton of FUN and have unlimited replayability that would never see the light of day on another platform. I'ts a level of excitement and anticipation that I dont experience with other platforms and to me it really adds to the overall excitement and FUN factor that I really think is adding a new layer of excitement to gaming in general.

2) The lack of traditional controls:
I know this is one part that many view as a disadvantage and annoyance, but I'm coming around to really love it. Of course we may never have the perfect FPS that can compete with a home console experience, but honestly I'm not looking for a console experience on the iphone- I'm looking for a good mobile / handheld experience. I think the touch screen / accelerometer is the best control scheme for this kind of gaming and I think it really pushes developers creativity in a new way that adds a different kind of "immersion" that I've never experienced before. To me, the control scheme is simply more FUN than a DS or PSP, and im seeing FUNNER games as a result.

3) Sooo many games!:
I love the constant release of games for the idevice - its FUN. I never experienced the excitement of games sneaking up on me like this on another device. Of course every console has its batch of sleeper hits that were unexpected, but with the idevice you just never know - on any given day a great new game could come out and take you by surprise. Again - its FUN.

4) Its always with you:
Enough said - I always have my phone with me = I always have some killer games with me. When I'm charging my phone I'm charging my gaming device. Its great. It adds to the simplicity of things and its just FUN to realize - Oh crap, if Ive got to wait in line forever or am stuck in horrendous traffic and voila! - game time! No other platform can offer that kind of FUN.

5) Its brought FUN back into gaming!:

I know I know - Hardcore Hardcore blah blah blah.... So many complaints about the lack of Hardcore games for the idevice. For some reason the label Hardcore has come to mean a bloody FPS or a 500hr long RPG. For some reason a Hardcore game must take over your life completely or mimic real life to qualify as a hardcore game. I'm not sure how that came about, but I hate it.

To me a good hardcore game is a game that greatly challenges you to beat it or be the best at it. Its a game that requires a level of skill and determination to beat or be "good" at it. There are a huge selection of games on the app store that require this and have a huge FUN factor along with it.

Really, I think the idevice and app store are re-defining some things about gaming and what it is and what it can be. And to me, in a lot of ways it is defining what mobile game should be. Quick, FUN & challenging, Its also keeping gaming and game developing innovative. I cant say the same for the DS and PSP. For me the idevice has revitalized my love for gaming and challenged me in my view of what a game should do and how a game can fit into your life.

Really, if I want a great immersive FPS, or if I want to sink a million hours into an RPG, I'd rather do that on a comfy couch in front of a larger screen and just get into it for awhile. But as far as mobile or handheld gaming go - Ive never had this much FUN with it.

Just my opinion.....
07-29-2009, 01:32 PM
dude..........HOW ABOUT IPOD TOUCHES!!!!!!!! lol im jp. yeah its a fun device.
07-29-2009, 01:35 PM
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I think we all know that around here at TA but thanks for the clarification...I agree with its is really fun. Sorry if I sounded mean in the first sentence..
07-29-2009, 02:20 PM
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your right. Since i got my ipod touch, i havent played my console systems for months already.

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