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Welcome Summoner, to Age of Galaxy, a game that challenges your strategic skill as you battle unique monsters and heroes. Gain experience from each battle and use it to evolve your heroes and their abilities to make them stronger.

Collect legendary artifacts in Age of Galaxy from victorious battles to further enhance your heroes combat skills. Venture into the Age of Galaxy with caution as there is much secrets yet to discover, which would even be a challenge to the best of summoners.


Story Background

As the galaxy starts to fall apart for being consumed by darkness, heroes of light from all over the galaxy make a final stand against the endless void of darkness.

Assemble your heroes and decide the fate of the galaxy.

A race against time, heroes need to defeat their enemies swiftly to absorb their essence while empowering themselves.

The heroes whom band together will then combine their strength and abilities. As they journey to the heart of darkness, heroes quickly uncover the truth of the enemies.


Age of Galaxy Game Features:

Unique combination of RPG with 3+ challenges along with a compelling in-game story mode.
Hundreds of battles and events with different level of difficulty.
Futuristic and imaginative character designs that will make players want to discover more.
Over 100 characters from various mythologies, each with their own unique design and abilities.
Different daily battles and events for players to collect specific elements to enhance the roster.
Guild function to enable you to team up with your friends and battle against the forces of evil.


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