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iPad: Under development: March of War

09-19-2013, 09:13 AM
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Under development: March of War

We are currently working on a iOS version for our turn-based strategy game March of War. In this video you get an impression of what it's going to look like (this is old footage from the game)

Time for a little bit of context - March of War was designed to be a cross-platform game that will allow players to start a game on their PC and continue of their iPad. We released the PC and Mac versions a couple a months ago and have managed to gather a nice community around it that is divided into six unique factions. These faction wage war and strive for world domination.

The game is played on two levels - the first are the 3d turn-based battles. But our game also has a meta game of capturing territories, defending and ultimately trying to dominate the whole world. A kind of digital Risk.

March of War also offers a rich story world - the game is set in an alternative 1940s/WWII setting to which we added a liberal amount of dieselpunk units, technology and science.