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App description: Spheroku is a radical next step in the evolution of sudoku puzzle. It combines the logic of sudoku with a three-dimensional experience reminiscent of the colorful Rubik's cube. Although the game allows the player to solve puzzles in the traditional 2d sudoku fashion, the heart of Spheroku is a brand new, innovative 3d interface, whereby the 9x9x9 grid is mapped onto a sphere. In addition to logic, memory and observational skills required by sudoku, the player must also use movement and spatial coordination to successfully complete the game. The choice to use colors instead of numbers, also makes Spheroku less intimidating and a more dynamic, fun game. Normal sudoku rules apply; every column, every row and every 3x3 area surrounded with thick black line can have the same number or color only once. (In Spheroku 3d mode, the rows and columns become horizontal and vertical slices of the sphere).

The player has the ability to switch between 4 different modes while continuing the same game -- in 2d or 3d, using colors or numbers. Additional options include keeping time, score as well as allowing, or disallowing the player to make mistakes, or use cheats.

Free to download Spheroku contains 1 puzzle for each of the four difficulty settings for the total of 4 puzzles.
Four packs of puzzles are available for In-App purchase. Each Pack contains 100 puzzles and they correspond to the difficulty settings.

Spheroku Developer's comments:
Spheroku is now available in the AppStore. I'ts been getting 5 stars reviews and people love it! (We are hoping for reviews here at Touch Arcade )

For those who have not read the pre-release tread of Spheroku here is a quick recap:

Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle games of the XXI century. It is printed in the crossword puzzle section of almost every newspaper. There are also hundreds of sudoku apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

None of them yet is as unique as Spheroku, which basically is a reinvention of Sudoku and gives the player a 3d gaming experience reminiscent of playing with the Rubik's cube. (Another extremely popular game that has sold more than 200 million copies).

1) Spheroku wraps the 9x9x9 sudoku on a sphere, and allows to use colors as an alternative to numbers. Both can be played in 3d or on a traditional 2d sudoku grid

The game is Free with 4 puzzles of increasing degree of difficulty -- Additional puzzle packs can be purchased within the app.

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Spheroku getting noticed

I thought I give a little update on Spheroku. Of course, like for most indie developers it is hard to get the audience, but the reviews that are coming out are great, plus combined with the PR releases and other marketing efforts we are making some progress:

Two weeks ago the largest Italian newspaper "La Republlica" featured Spheroku in its weekend edition a one of the apps it recommended:


This week it is featured in NewsWatch TV on iON and History channels:

Spheroku also has nicer graphics and runs a little smoother. It already has a second language (Polish) and two more are at work (French & Russian).


Of course, I would love it if Touch Arcade did Spheroku for a spin and wrote a review... since this was one of the first portals where I first announced it's development. But really any publicity would be appreciated. This is an important game in Strategy / Puzzle category, not a "me too", and people who try it get very attached to it.

It is one of those rare games that really tells you what shape your mind is a when you play it. If you are distracted, distraught or otherwise "not there" Spheroku very quickly will tell you to to shape up and keep the eye on the ball! http://cdn2.toucharcade.com/images/icons/icon7.gif
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