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Soccer Moves - from Fuzzy Logic (ex-Disney, Eidos & Eurocom)

09-21-2013, 02:00 PM
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Soccer Moves - GAMEPLAY TRAILER ADDED - Fuzzy Logic (ex-Disney, Eidos & Eurocom)

Hi everyone,

We're really excited to announce a new game that we've spent the last year working on...we hope you're going to enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!


Outsmart defenders with your clever moves and become the ultimate soccer legend!

Defenders inspired by infamous players, past and present, stand in the way of you living the dream. With a limited number of moves, cleverly pass, run or shoot your way through the defenders to score the perfect goal.

Progress from novice to pro, improving your skills and unlocking kits, journying from humble beginnings at amateur grounds all the way to the fame of the international stage.

Are you ready to become the ultimate soccer hero?

  • - Fight your way through eight defender types inspired by legendary players
  • - Master various moves like chip, dribble and curve on shots
  • - Use your moves wisely to solve over 90 unique level challenges
  • - Progress through five unique environments, from a local park to incredible stadiums
  • - Unlock various outfits from major country kits to zombies and action heroes
  • - Collect rewards for completing unique objectives on every level



Today's defender isn't technically a type, or cliche, but rather an occurrence that happens fairly often...the Wrong Sided defender.

In times of injury, suspension, or even sometimes due to tactics, a defender might need to play on the other side of the field. A left footed player on the right hand side is never as good as someone that belongs there, but it doesn't mean he'll do a bad job either. Tactically it's interesting as the attackers could use this to their advantage, getting him to constantly push attackers to the inside as that would be for his stronger foot. This doesn't necessarily equal a problem though as a good defender can always adapt.

Soccer Moves introduces the Wrong Sided player as he adds an extremely unique movement to the pitch.

Can you get around him?

MORE DEFENDER VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/user/SoccerMovesGame

We're a small iOS and Android development team who previously worked on console games, though now focus on iOS & Android. Our core team each spent 10 years in the UK games industry working for Disney, Eurocom and Eidos, titles like Split/Second, Disney Universe, Championship Manager and many others.

Fuzzy Logic is now based in South Africa, near the beach on the garden route in the Cape. We're all South African, so the idea of moving back and still getting to work on games was awesome. We've spent the past two years working on the AppTag products as well as our own titles, one of which is Soccer Moves. We hope you end up enjoying it as we really love it and have put so much effort into it.

Fuzzy Logic - Games & Augmented Reality


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09-22-2013, 04:51 AM
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Sounds great and finally a soccer game which is not about "do a freekick" or "shoot penalties" LAME!
I hope to see a gameplay video cause its very interesting to me.
I like the Design at this picture.
When will this game be out?

09-22-2013, 10:27 AM
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Thanks Masterwill!

We'll be releasing information on a weekly basis and will definitely include a gameplay video. Please keep looking out for it.

Fuzzy Logic - Games & Augmented Reality

09-22-2013, 01:50 PM
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Wait for a gameplay video, look cool
09-22-2013, 04:50 PM
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Can't wait for the gameplay video and stills with as much information as possible, including whether it is freemium or not.
09-23-2013, 07:20 AM
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Based on the demand we've decided we'll release two gameplay videos for this. Please keep on eye out over the next couple of weeks for the first one.

Fuzzy Logic - Games & Augmented Reality

09-26-2013, 11:05 AM
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Soccer Moves Announcement Trailer

Hi everyone,

Here's our first teaser trailer for Soccer Moves!
Stay tuned to this thread for more movies and info over the next few weeks.

Fuzzy Logic - Games & Augmented Reality


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09-28-2013, 12:01 PM
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1st Defender - Hardman

The game involves a number of different defender types who are inspired by defenders past.

Today we'd like to reveal the first of these.....the Hardman.

Every team has one, the bully, the one that gets a bit to aggressive, the one that might only really be there for the fight! Inspired by the likes of Vinnie Jones, Neil Ruddock, Duncan Ferguson, Terry Butcher, anyone from Wimbledon...

The Hardman is one of our favourite, even though his moves are very limited.

Can you name a harder defender from your favorite league?

Fuzzy Logic - Games & Augmented Reality


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09-28-2013, 02:44 PM
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This game looks cool from what I can see from the pictures and the teaser.
Hardman reminds me of Mark van Bommel and Pepe
09-28-2013, 06:52 PM
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This looks very interesting. I can't wait to see some actual gameplay videos.