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App description: OffWorld Tanks is a First Person Shooter game based on hover tanks. It is set in the future when mankind is exploring the solar system. The pilot fights for the Rebel Faction, and the mission is to destroy the enemy bases. Single Player Mission Pack: Venus. 3 maps: EMZE Mine, Mead Crater, Baltis Valles. Due to the screen size, the game is best run on the iPad.

FJGIV's comments:
The long anticipated release of the single player game, "OffWorld Tanks" is now available on the App Store. OffWorld Tanks is a First Person Shooter game based on hover tanks. It is set in the distant future on the planet of Venus. The player is enlisted by the Rebel Faction to destroy the mining facilities constructed by the I.M.I. and stop the flow of Venite to earth.

The first release of OffWorld Tanks takes the player through three maps on Venus; Mead Crater, EMZE Mine, and Baltis Vallis. There are several varieties of tanks, gun towers, and turrets used by the I.M.I. to protect the mining assets on Venus. The player must destroy two gas pumps and the main generator on each map, within the time limit, to win the match. However, these assets are heavily defended. The Clubber Tank and the Mako Light Tank are just a few enemy vehicles that patrol the areas around the mines, protecting the mining facilities. The Emze Mine features a massive Laser Drill Rig that is in the process of mining the Venite/Bionite from the core of Venus. The players vehicle, the Bayonet Light Tank is equipped with a Pulse Weapon that fires an EMP and shock wave, used to temporarily stun the enemy vehicle, giving the player a temporary edge for targeting or escaping.

The game ships with all the content available with no in-app purchases. Due to the nature of the game, we recommend that the iPad device be used to run the game app, as the iPhone tends to shrink the user interface to a degree that makes the game difficult to play. The game is optimized to run on the iPad.

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09-25-2013, 05:44 PM
Great game, got it for the Ipad and its worth every penny, loving the theme and design, great graphics and user interface is very solid
09-25-2013, 06:58 PM
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The trailer link does not show any game play. I
never buy unless I can see what I am getting for my money.

09-26-2013, 06:08 PM
Joined: Sep 2013
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The trailer has in-game scenes for all three maps. The game is FPS but we use the sweeping camera views to capture the scenery and show the action. the game plays exactly like a typical FPS and looks exactly like the screenshot. Due to the nature of the game we recommend using an iPad. The game will load on a iPhone 5, but the screen is too small to show the user interface clearly (the fire buttons get covered up for example).