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iPad: Coin Quest due for release this Thursday (26/09/2013) indie project

09-23-2013, 04:39 AM
Coin Quest due for release this Thursday (26/09/2013) indie project

Release date: 26th September
Coin Quest

Hello Guys and girls,

My name is Kelvin Liew and I am the artist on Coin Quest. After months of hard work my programmer buddy and I, put together a little game called Coin Quest for iPad and iPhone. It's out this Thursday so we thought we'd let the community know about it.

Promo Video:


Creativity kicked into overdrive while making a simple coin pushing game and it ended up being a mix of Coin Dozer, Bejeweled Blitz and Puzzle Quest with some elements of Diablo thrown in too! We're particularly proud of things like our spell casting or the random item generator which keeps you wanting to play to see what loot you get next.

We'd love to stick in proper quests and a crafting system to give you even more reason to keep playing but after 6 months it's gotta go out! Anyhow - hope you all like it. If anyone would like to review it before it comes out, we've got a bunch of promo codes to hand.

Thanks for looking.

Kelvin & Kevin (Superflat Games)

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