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"Liora" Tower Defense/RPG Kickstarter (by Trinity Wasteland Studios)

09-28-2013, 07:08 PM
"Liora" Tower Defense/RPG Kickstarter (by Trinity Wasteland Studios)

Hello everyone, my name is Andrew, and I am one fifth of a startup indie game dev team based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, called Trinity Wasteland Studio. It's very nice to meet you all!

We are working on an upcoming iOS/Android/mobile game called 'Liora', which will be a tower defense RPG. We are very excited about this game because we know it will be THE best fantasy-RPG themed tower defense game in the mobile gaming market.

'Liora' is the title character, and players will control her as she embarks on an epic journey across time. During her journey, she will meet various companions who will help her on the battlefield. Liora will battle hordes of enemies in a 3-lane tower-defense-style gameplay system. Using the weapons, magic, and companions that she finds along her time-travelling journey, she will defend her allies against an endless onslaught of enemies. Push forward through time with Liora, as she slowly uncovers the truth about her own past!

Feel free to check out the details of our game on our Kickstarter page here:

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