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App description: Holiday sales!! Get it at 33% off until the end of the year! Are you ready to challenge yourself to find 200+ hidden objects in retro 8bit style?

Troubled by unexpected electronic jamming, the alien mothership made an unfortunate crash-landing to Pixel World. The powerful time machine from the alien mothership got broken into pieces, and Pixel World is now frozen in time. You're on a mission, traveling from a city to another, to restore the pieces of the lost time machine, rescue your human and alien friends, and bring back life to Pixel World!


200+ cool animated hidden characters
Awesome retro-style visuals and cool effects!
Funky original sound track
Huge world map with 6 different mission packs for hours of fun game play!
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09-29-2013, 04:58 AM
Un the description below the screen shots it's suppose to ve a tilt puzzle game, but It is categorized as a RPG? Can someone tell me if this is only a puzzle or is it a RPG? Cos I would love to play an RPG in a scifi universe done in an 8bit art style !!! But if it is just a tilt puzzle I am really
Not interested.....

Thanks !